Inca Trail Day 1 Part 5: First Inca Ruins at Llactapata

On the first day, the slow rise up the trail was scenic rather than historic. It was a nice start to the trail. Yet I was keen for some Inca Stories and Sights. And of course there are archaelogical Inca ruins all the way and stories in abundance…

Then late afternoon, following a steep climb we feast our eyes downward to the ruined Inca site of Llactapata.

The views on the way up were incredible – really realised how high up we were at that point, yet we weren’t high enough yet to see Llactapata – an Inca Site down in the valley.

On the ascent.

Bulls and donkeys were everywhere on the way up.

We got to the top, had a water break and then walked over for the views…

Incredible – the first ever city I saw where nobody lives. This is/was Llactapata…

A phrase that kept coming into my head was “standing on the shoulders of giants,” here it really felt I was standing on a giant looking down into this immaculate symmetrical ruined city.

The lost Inca City of Llactapata.

Llactapata was built to be near water supply, but also on a corner in the valley with good views and chance of shelter.

Tony Adams, ex of Arsenal.

Every now and then along the way were charts and maps such as this, they show the altitude and route.

A dead snake, the climate was really too cold for them. Didn’t see any alive snakes on the entire trail.

Crossing a bridge over some gushing rivers towards the end of day 1.

Arrival at our camp for the night and the end of Day 1’s hiking. We were 2 kilometres from Wayllabamba, another Inca Site. This location for the night’s rest was at Hatunchaca.

From – Miskay

To – Hatunchaca

Inca Sites On Route – Llactapata

Animals seen – donkeys, horses, bulls, snakes

Key Song (my own for once):


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