Inca Trail Day 1 Part 4: Patabamba and Lunch at Miskay

It was a late lunch on day 1, as we wanted to make some ground and gain height by lunch time, as dinner would be at our campsite and final destination of the night. So we made the trek up to Patabamba for lunch time, it was late afternoon, maybe around 3 pm by the time we got there.
This meant a slow climb from the Inca Trail’s start at Q’Orihuayrachina to a campsite/mini settlement known as Patabamba. The route there was mainly uphill and very picturesque. There were some interesting natural plants, those cactuses were new to me.

There were many donkey son the way. Scattered houses and their owners use donkeys to carry food and wood from place to place.

We had a stop for a briefing near the start of the trek. There became two groups at this point, they kindly offered us an English speaking group. Though I tried to stand near the Spanish speaking group as was keen to bolster my Spanish too.
Breathtaking views and already it was clear we were onto something special.
Another quick stop gave us the chance to buy some water and food. I already had everything I needed so i didn’t buy any. This was at Patabamba.
The rocky Inca Trail itself…as made by the Incas centuries ago…
It became obvious lunchtime had arrived as we arrived at Miskay. It is a small grassy area which has toilets, water supply and a campsite. The most interesting part was the football pitch. Easily the most sublime football pitch location of all time. Some of the other groups had set up tents on the pitch. Unfortunately there was no penalty shoot out.
The views at lunchtime from Miskay.
Into the valleys from Miskay.
Lunch. Garlic bread and vegetable soup starter.
Lunch. Beef, rice and veg. Delicious.
Relaxing at Miskay.
Packing up tents at Miskay.
Onwards to the trek after Miskay. Views just exceptional…
From – Q’Orihuayrachina
To – Miskay
Via – Patabamba
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