Inca Trail Day 3 Part 3: Wet Lunch at Chaquiqocha

Inca Trail Day 3 Part 3: Wet Lunch at Chaquiqocha

The third day of the Inca Trail in the morning had been the wettest to date on my South American adventure, meaning we were all drenched to the skin at lunch time and it was still bucketing down when we arrived at the low down and open spaced campsite of Chaquiqocha. This proved to be a turning point on the exciting Inca Trail.

Arrival at Chaquiqocha came with hunger and relief. The walk to get there had seen a windy wet ascent past Runku Rakay, plus the downward hike in the invisible mist where Sayaqmarka Inca Ruins came almost un-noticed.

And so we arrived around 11 am in Chaquiqocha.

First up we were relieved to get inside the tent for some shelter from the strong winds and rain. Then hot tea was served to keep everyone chirpy and in good conversation while the porters prepared the lunch. Everyone was starving. This was easily proving to be the toughest day of the trail so far.

The Argentine folk had a smoke break and I laughed at the cigarette packets named “Che” after Che Guevara!

Sonya the ever bubbly tour guide then gave us a history and information speech about the Inca Sites we had passed through – Runkurakay and Sayaqmarka. The former was a look out post, the latter some kind of mid mountain headquarters. Or at least that’s what I picked up from the descriptions.

Lunch finally arrived and as David Luu said “you smashed that Jonny”, indeed in less than 5 minutes I had eaten my lunch. I was very hungry. Before that we had soup and this included alphabet shaped rice. A novelty in itself, even more so when you are miles from civilisation on the Inca Trail.

The dessert was like a cherry/cinnamon jelly. It was lovely and at least 2 of the others didn’t eat theirs so I ended up eating 3 desserts and a cup of tea. It was well needed and energy was restored by the time we left the lonely Chaquiqocha around mid-day.

Tea with Roberta and Mirka at a well needed lunch break in Chaquiqocha.

Where we had lunch.

Ahead of the pack on the next part of the trail. This is where it got REALLY EXCITING. We were told that this part of the trail we had finally joined the real Inca Trail original track, which has remained intact for generations, and was built, restored, used and walked on by the famous Incas, in days gone by…
Where – Chaquicocha
Lunch – Soup, Rice and pork, cherry cinnamon pudding
Drink – 2 cups of tea
Key Song:
KAISER CHIEFS – OH MY GOD (“Oh my God I can’t believe it I’ve never been this far away from home”)
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