International Chatrooms – Are They Good to Understand the Local Culture? 

International Chatrooms – Are They Good to Understand the Local Culture?

At first glance, the answer to the question may seem easy. Yes, they are good because you get to meet people from all around the world, and this will of course, help you understand different cultures. But, is it all really that simple? There must be another layer to this? Since not every person you meet in real life is friendly and understanding, so why would they be online? A place where they can mask their identity a parade around under false pretences. On my own travels, depression kicked in and I’d turn to absolutely anything I could for a solution. 

Being cautious in international chatrooms 

It is not uncommon to find people pretending to be other people amongst online profiles, so it is important to look out for these. Tell-tale signs can be picked up from the very beginning, and it never hurts to reverse Google search their profile picture. In addition, you can find people who are genuinely who they say they are, but are a bit hostile to different cultures, so they will lie about theirs just to get you to back off, or get you in trouble. Now, we know that this is definitely not everyone, but it never hurts to be on the safe side. Another good thing to do is, if you meet someone you get along with from a different culture do some research, and then you can ask them questions about it. 

There is a lot to be learnt 

Whilst it is a good practice to be a little cautious, there is also a lot that can be learnt from some amazing interracial sites. Hundreds of friendly people from across the globe are coming online to meet all different races and ethnicities. This, in turn, brings a lot of different cultures together. There will be mistakes, it is impossible to know all the customs of everyone, and a high percentage of people on these sites are aware of that, and very understanding. Nearly everyone is happy to answer questions about their country or beliefs, and also ask questions to others. This remarkable “question and answer session” almost takes on the form of a classroom, where everyone is given the chance to speak, and in return, learn. However, it is important to be understanding about other cultures. Something you may see as negative, is not necessarily the case in the culture it comes from.  

A lot to talk about in international chatrooms 

No matter if you are on an international chatroom to find love, or just find out more about the world, so much to talk about. With everyone given the chance to talk about their country, their culture, what they love, what they dislike, similarities and differences between countries and cultures. That is a lot of scope for, not only, conversation starters but for whole conversations. They will always be interesting and entertaining, as well as educational too. This way you don’t have to be shy when starting to chat to that person who caught your attention, because you already have a great lead into a good chat about you both. 


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An answer has been reached. And whilst it does seem that it was as simple as initially thought, yes, you can learn about other cultures in international chat rooms, there are also some layers. The precautions someone has to take when entering and chatting in such a site, alongside doing a bit of research to make sure the first message isn’t a total catastrophe. These are all small things in comparison with what can be learned and taught on a dating site full of people from all around the world.  

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