Top Five Cities Around the World That I Haven’t Yet Visited

I recently covered some islands that I haven’t yet backpacked and will now mention five cities that might come as a surprise to some that I have not yet visited them. My travels around the world took me so far to around 125 fully recognised countries and a further 40 from my own list of wacaday republics, unrecognised countries, nations that don’t exist and just lunatic regions. For the full list, check my flags page or my ultimate list of every country.

Crazy Upside Down House ( перевернутая комната), Yunost Park

Wacaday Republics

So here are five cities that I haven’t yet visited, and want to someday. There are a few obvious omissions on my list…

1.Las Vegas

Firstly, yes, I have never been to Las Vegas! Crazy right? The casino hub, gambling capital of the world and the place where you can get married on the spur of the moment. Why have I not made it there yet? Well, I’m not often Stateside and not a huge fan of the United States so it has never been my priority but of course, this place is world famous so I will want to visit it one day for sure. I might have won money in 2012 in a Macau Casino, but these days I normally try some of the online casinos as it’s just easier and I work from my laptop. Until I make it to the real Vegas, I’ll be an online gambler! Vegas baby, awaits!

las vegas

Las Vegas Casinos, USA


Despite having visited Moscow in 2007 and Kaliningrad twice – 2016 and 2018, I have yet to visit Vladivostock or any of the eastern part of Russia. Riding on the Trans-Siberian is still a dream of mine. A few of my travel friends have done it and I still have a valid Russian visa until the end of December 2018 so who knows…

Riding the Transiberian through Russia all the way from Moscow to Vladivostock

Riding the Transiberian through Russia all the way from Moscow to Vladivostock

Riding the Transiberian through Russia all the way from Moscow to Vladivostock


I visited Iraq in 2013 but toured mostly the northern Kurdish part, only actually visiting Mosul or Kirkuk in transit or to change taxis. So the next challenge could be to visit Baghdad the capital and the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon (or what is left of the location), which has featured in so many songs and books down the years. I did meet quite a few Iraqis in the northern part and even got a fleg photo.

northern ireland flag iraq

Backpacking in Iraq, flying the Northern Ireland flag in Sulaymaniyah with a hotel owner whose wife is IRISH!


Brazzaville is the capital of the Republic of the Congo, in central Africa – another region I haven’t really covered much ground in. The city sits on the Congo River directly opposite Kinshasa, whcapital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo – confusing yes but the two cities would be best done on the same trip. Just outside Brazzaville are the Congo Rapids and the country will also prove a visa and backpacking challenge.

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo


Cairo is world famous, so is Egypt. But yet my entire visits to Africa to date have completely neglected the brace. I have fond memories watching Michael Palin sail down the Nile, visit Cairo and Alexandria that I want to do it myself. Who knows when…

Ancient Egyptian Sphinx with old historic pyramid in Giza

Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

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