Introducing My New Blog: Northern Irishman in Poland, Połnocny Irlandcyzk w Polsce

Introducing My New Blog: Northern Irishman in Poland, Połnocny Irlandcyzk w Polsce

Life changed for me and I introduce something new today. This blog might give advice on visas and tourist tips, but basically it is me telling my life story. There has been a progression on here, the first post on this site was officially published on 27th August 2007, the second post was on Toronto, the first 20 posts were all drafts from that July/August until I understood how to start a blog! I was such a novice at the internet and my early blog stories are fairly cringeworthy now, but this was my real life progression. More than a quarter of my life has been documented almost daily on the internet! Being now the 10 year mark, I have a few new announcements this month in the wake of my long term depression. I did quit DSL, but it came back thanks to a reader vote on a new platform I started…120 people voted for it to come back…so that is why I am back.

120 votes so DSL returned

So if you were once a reader of Don’t Stop Living, you might know that I quit this blog, basically in August last year (with a few scattered posts during depression up to December 2016). But yes I did continue blogging, but just on a different platform in a new niche. So now I share that site with you and I’m proud of it:

Northern Irishman in Poland! / Połnocny Irlandczyk w Polsce

The new site contains my live updates from Poland where I now reside. I have lived here for 13 months now and I love it!! I have finally settled, renting my third different flat now, becoming very used to Polish lifestyle and really pleased with myself. But oddly, I had no intention of living in Poland when I came here last year!! In fact in July 2016 I was meant to spend just two weeks here and head to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to base myself. But in the wake of the depression, I couldn’t leave, loose ends had not been tied up, I had been disrespected and I had lost all passion for backpacking. And besides, it has been obvious to me that Eastern Europe is where my heart belongs so what better place for me to live now than Poland. I first visited Poland in March 2005 and some of my best friends live here, so it was a no brainer. I am delighted at my new project and have been featured prominently on Polish media now for the last year including live radio, newspapers and careers websites:

My Radio debut in Poznan, Poland
My newspaper debut in Starogard Gdanski, Poland
My Careers online debut in Warszawa, Poland

Here are some photo memories from my first year living in Poland:

On the beach in Brzezno with Mika on the Road

Touring Stutthof German Death Camp

First ever week in Gdansk

Loving the nature in charming Kokoszkowy

First day in Gdansk

Tank on route to Sopot

Dinner at Leba

Volunteering in Kuklowka

Irish Dancing in Gdansk

My Polish Radio Debut

So while Don’t Stop Living might be back for the month of August, there is no guarantee on my own mental health, my need to blog here any more. However, I have just started a mission to visit 200 countries by the age of 40, so hopefully I will come out of this horrible last 13 months with a smile.

If you want to continue to follow my obscure and absurd travels, then pop over to my new site, you know where to find me. I am real and honest, be nice to me.

“What goes around comes around” – Anon.

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