How JustFly spent a weekend in Toronto for less than $80

jonny blair backpacking in canada toronto

How JustFly spent a weekend in Toronto for less than $80

Canada is a country known for many things: their love of hockey, their dedication to poutine, Justin Bieber (but more importantly Drake), and the world’s leading exporter of pure maple syrup. If this doesn’t entice you to visit the country, JustFly isn’t sure what will. In all seriousness, Toronto is one of the most interesting and exciting cities in North America: with over 2.6 million people living there, you know things are happening! JustFly reviews all the ways in which you can make your weekend getaway to this large and in charge Canadian city as affordable as possible, without sacrificing on the fun!

Let’s talk Hostels

Hostels in Toronto are known to be safe, secure, and clean. From some just starting at around $17 a night, you’ve got plenty of cheap options to choose from, depending on your neighbourhood. Looking at trendier areas such as West Queen West, Kensington Market or Little Italy are all go-to spots for people visiting Toronto, home of the Don’t Stop Living brand name.

Jonny Blair in Toronto Canada

A night out in Toronto, Canada, the birthplace of Don’t Stop Living

Alternatively, Airbnb’s are also a super cheap way to crash while in the city, but be warned they may be more expensive than this budget allows, so be sure to check for prices!

Getting around town

Grab a pair of running shoes and hit the streets! Walking is a great way of getting around the neighbourhoods in Toronto and gives you that special, street-level view of the city: see inside local shops, cafes, businesses and more, all at your leisure.

If, however, you need to get across town then JustFly suggests buying some TTC tokens. The TTC, or Toronto Transit Commission, is the primary source of public transit serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). If you didn’t figure it out on the map, Toronto is huge. This means that getting across town in a relatively cheap and efficient way is through the bus, subway of street cars. TTC tokens (bought in packs of 10) will cost you $28.

Cheap Eats

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality and delicious foods for the sake of saving a few pennies! Whether you’re craving tacos from Tacos 101 (everything on the menu is under $4.50 CDN), looking for some southern comfort food at Bobbie Sue’s (prices are maxed out at less than $15 CDN), or if you’re down for some good ol’ fried chicken barbecue from The Dirty Bird (two-piece chicken dinner for less than $8 CDN), you’ll be full for days!

jonny blair travel blog 2007 canada

Having a beer in Toronto and starting my travel blog Dont Stop Living – way back in 2007.

Walking tours

In a city as large and accessible as Toronto, there’s never a dull moment. Whether you want to hop into local and large-scale art museums, or catch a show at Dundas Square, there are plenty of interesting and free activities that can keep you occupied while wandering the 6ix (or the six, or just Toronto). Prior to going, make sure to do some research on the city’s popular websites and blogs to see what’s going on for free during your weekend!

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