JustFly’s top 3 things you can’t miss in Portugal

Portugal is the kind of place that even if you’ve visited a hundred times before—or if it’s your first time—the country just somehow manages to feel like home. JustFly is uncertain whether it’s because the people are so friendly, the food so delicious, or the sites that make this country feel like you just belong, but whatever the reason, Portugal is one place you absolutely need to visit. With this in mind, JustFly reviews our top three things you just can’t miss while visiting the country!

JustFly’s top 3 things you can’t miss in Portugal

JustFly’s top 3 things you can’t miss in Portugal

The Algarve

Located in the southernmost tip of the country is an area internationally known for its dramatic landscapes and undoubted beauty. With quaint fishing villages and a laid-back lifestyle, those who live in Portugal’s Algarve know that beach life is the only kind of life to live. With spectacular beaches, dramatic cliff side views, and even friendlier people, those visiting Albufeira, Faro, or Lagos will find peace and tranquility, or excitement and adventure, it all depends on you!

As a coastal region, time passes slower during the day, and the nights are long, so for those looking either to party or sleep, you’ll get plenty of both! Naturally, being a fishing region, the food is undoubtedly fresh and absolutely delicious!

Beach life

Beach life – Algarve


What makes Lisbon such an attractive destination is the fine balance between being a tourist destination and a city that caters to locals. With only half a million people living in the city, it’s relatively small in comparison to its other European counterparts. But despite the relatively low population, the city is thriving with tourists, museums, bars, cafes and more importantly, its history.

Lisbon’s history is diverse: due to its geographical location and proximity to the sea, the country intersects many different cultures and influences over the years. From being part of the Roman Empire, to its Moorish occupation, the city’s diversity is seen predominantly in its architecture, making it one of the most unique (and stunning) visual cities to walk through. Whether you’re walking through medieval ruins of the Carmo Convent, or taking a quick trip to Belém to see the iconic Tower, whatever your interests are you’re sure to find something to enjoy!

Belem Tower in Portugal.

Belem Tower in Portugal.


You know you’re going to have fun when an entire style of wine is named after the city in which it was first made in, and such a place exists in Porto. Wine puns aside, Porto is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Portugal and is the country’s second largest city.

Whether you roam around the São Francisco Church, where the interior of the church is completely covered in gold, or gaze at the enormous murals and tile panels inside the São Bento Station, or if you prefer to wander the hidden alleys and streets that make up the coastline, do it! Whatever your kicks are, you’ll find it all and more in Porto.

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