Making Wedding Invites on Monogram Maker

Down the years, I have been lucky enough to attend quite a few weddings in different countries, and indeed I also sadly turned down invites to other weddings, in England and Sweden. I attended weddings in Northern Ireland, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Poland and Israel. The Polish weddings for sure are the craziest, but all were wonderful experiences. However in this digital age, many things in the world of wedding arrangements have changed. Whether this makes it easier or not, we have more choices for sure.

Joanna and James – My first ever Polish wedding invite!

As I have been to two weddings since moving to Poland, and always keen to attend another one, I headed to the excellent Design Bundles website and started using their graphics to design things. I designed fliers and adverts and recently I checked out how to design wedding invites.

Design Bundles Wedding Invitations

Design Bundles is a cool start up which began in July 2016 – it is an online platform where you can design all sorts of graphics, templates, fliers, patterns, digital products and printed products in many niches. The site now has over 1 million users and a whopping 150,000 Marketplace Products to choose from. To design the actual invites, you head to their design site, known as monogram maker. Once you are on the homepage, you can start designing straight away.

Wedding Invite Design on Monogram maker

On the right hand side of Monogram Maker, you have a choice of options – the font, the frame and the background and you add them and adjust them depending on how you want it. I designed a few “mock up” wedding invites on here and I will share them with you today.

As well as being easy to use, it is free and very clear. It is not confusing to use and design, so even those who are not tech savvy can can use the monogram maker free platform.

Here are the mock designs I made using the Monogram maker:

1.Simple front cover for a Wedding invite

I first designed a simple front cover for a wedding invite. This would be in a fold out wedding invite that you open. I selected my font and frame, but chose a blank white background.

My Mock Designs on Monogram Maker – a simple front cover for a wedding invite

2.My potential big day

If I get married, I will want something a little mysterious related to travel so any background has to be enticing and reflective of my life. I opted for the J and O wedding names plus a real photos from my travels – this was from Kaluts desert in Iran.

My Mock Designs on Monogram Maker

3.Our Big Day cover

Finally I also designed a cover with “Our Big Day” written on this. I wanted to convey pureness and breaking the ice, so I used an image from my trip to Antarctica.

My mock designs on Monogram Maker – Our Big Day

So get onto Monogram Maker and start designing! Be it your wedding invite, a birthday invite, a party or just a flier to promote your business.

Good luck designing! I am onto my next design idea now – the front and back covers for the first edition of Backpacking Centurion, my long awaited book.

Designing my Backpacking Centurion book

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