Malaysia…Kuala Lumpur In Transit

So I got to spend about 6 hours in the country of Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur Airport, which is voted the best airport in the world. The city is the home of the Petronas Twin Towers! Unfortunately I was actually on a connecting flight from Auckland – Kuala Lumpur – Beijing so couldnt really stop off and actually leave the airport (please note as an update that as of July 2015 I have later visited Kuala Lumpur a further 5 times, 3 times actually staying in the city itself!) 
Still I got to meet some lovely Malaysian people, have a few beers, hear some live Malaysian music and even try a Burger King in Malaysia. Wow, such culture for this hungry Ulsterman, or not… I also sent my brother a postcard, which at least proves I’ve been to Malaysia, as do the photos and memories. Friendly people and the highest twin towers in the world made this a possible future trip for me. It’s the shortest time I’ve ever spent in a country. Maybe next time I’ll stay a bit longer!

Beers Tried – Carls (which is presumably re-branding of Carlsberg.

Bars Visited – Cheers, Forrestier Bar.

Transport Used – Escalator, Life, Aeroplane.

Nationalities Met – Malaysian, New Zealanders, English, Chinese.

Currency Used – Malaysian Ringgits.

Where I Stayed – Kuala Lumpur Airport…in Transit.

Price of a Pint of Beer – Around 2 quid, I think 15 Ringits.

Favourite Food – Burger King Whopper (seriously).

Favourite Drink – Tea (the only non-alcoholic drink I had there).

Key Song – The Beatles – Ob La Di Ob La Da (performed by Malaysian trio in above photo)

FACT – The Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest two buildings in the world but only because they’re joined. Work that one out.
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