Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Always Local Cola

star cola myanmar

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Always Local Cola!

I’m actually a fan of Coca Cola and I much prefer it to stuff like Pepsi. But when you go backpacking and you look for the bargains, you have to look at things rationally and with your strict budget in mind. When you open a fridge in a shop to buy some cola – always check the price. You’ll find most of the time that Coca Cola is dearer than the local Cola or as some call it “value brand”. Too right – it’s a value brand – I’ll have some of that please!

star cola myanmar bagan

Star Cola – did the trick recently in Myanmar!

While they may be just an example related to Coca Cola, think of the wider scale of things. It applies to almost everything. Why are you buying highly publicised international brand name products? When the local products are much cheaper, the money stays local, keeps someone in business and does the fingers to the big brands.

future cola

Basic lifestyle – big bit of bread and some Local Cola (in this instance Future Cola).

It’s a case of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer all the time here. Almost every bar in the world sells some form of Cola. Break the mould guys and try and buy the local and cheaper stuff. Now and then you can indulge in a “proper Coke” but think of the money you’ll save over a 5,10 year period etc. It’s not as if the cheaper brands give you less energy or quench your thirst!

fake coca cola

Future Cola – much cheaper and just as good as “that big brand”

You’ll save money and stunt the commercial growth of those rich dudes that don’t really need it. Agree?

coca colla bolivia

Spot the Coca Colla I found in La Paz a few years ago in Bolivia! Made from Coca leaves though and not Cola…

Checking out my photos on this list, these are just of the few alternatives I’ve had to Coca Cola down the years (admittedly Coca Leaves are different but still it’s a money saver):

– Star Cola (Myanmar)

– Tesco Value Cola (England)

– Woolworths Home Brand Cola (Australia)

– Future Cola (Ethiopia)

– Coca Colla (Bolivia)

– Inca Kola (Peru)

I’m off for an afternoon walk now and look forward to my cheap local cola afterwards. Cheers!

inca kola peru

Inca Kola – popular in Peru and helped me along the Inca Trail…

With my endless money saving travel tips and stories, I want to help you all save money as you travel the world! Check my advertising page if you have an idea for my Monday’s Money Saving Tips, and don’t forget I welcome free cola, even the top brands if it’s FREE 😉

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