Sunday’s Inspiration: “You Don’t Get A Second Chance to Make A First Impression”

“You Don’t Get A Second Chance to Make A First Impression” (you do)

Jonny Blair in Seoul

“You Don’t Get A Second Chance to Make A First Impression” Sunday’s Inspiration for you today (Photo – taken with my best mate at Gyeongbokung Palace, Seoul, South Korea).

Today’s Sunday’s Inspiration I’m sharing this quote with you and I’ll make things short and sweet today. I’m remembering back to my student days now, and for sure I’ll recount them a lot more on this blog over time and in particular on Sunday’s Inspiration. I was a bit of a cynical student. I make no apologies for it. When I was a student, being part of the actual course I was studying was the least important thing for me. Ask my mates from way back then.

first impressions student hotel heathlands

Sunday’s Inspiration – I spent more days working than studying not bothered about “first impressions”

I put my jobs priority most of the time as I prefer to earn money and work than study and the reason is simple, I’m a busy person and I’m juggling many balls at the same time – you don’t barge your way to the front like that. Something had to subside, and in the end, the three main things (as well as running a football fanzine, a supporters club and being a radio DJ for Nerve) I was doing were working, socialising and studying. Studying, came last. But I still got my degree (A BA degree in Public Relations). I was often judged by fellow students, even though they won’t admit it – some of them even thought I was a lazy student. I was busier than them. Fact.

sundays inspiration bournemouth

Sunday’s Inspiration – Bournemouth University, where I once studied. It was always third on my priority list…

Those who I met and studied with at university (none of whom I’m sure read this blog – if you do – leave me a comment whether positive or negative please – love to hear from you) were focused on the course. I wasn’t. It wasn’t a priority for me – I had a life away from it.

studying in bournemouth university

A rare photo of me studying at university…hardly my priority.

I studied Public Relations in Bournemouth University in England and it was good but I was too busy away from the course as I loved my lifestyle there: my multiple jobs (e.g. hotel barman, selling ice cream, serving tea… to name just three), the football, my mates, my backpacking jaunts instead of being at University. Those people may have been quick to judge me, perhaps on first impressions, or enthusiasm for the course. It’s just not that exciting sitting in a lecture room listening to tutors is it? But I made my notes, did my work and passed. Some quotes struck and I want to destroy this one, today:

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

(Yes you do)

Coupled with “You can judge a person on first impressions”.

(You can, but I believe you shouldn’t)

Bottom line: you get as many chances as you want my friends. You walk into a room of posh college students all dressed in college attire and you’re dressed as a spider. They might be thinking “this person is crazy, they’re a lunatic.” They’re judging on first impressions here. While that person has made a first impression as a spider. He has a second chance to make a first impression by chatting to them. He has a third chance to make a first impression by eating with them. Hell, he has a fourth chance to make a first impression by playing football with them. You get the idea. You need to be pretty fickle to judge somebody on their first impressions. It’s shallower than any river you’ve ever seen.

bournemouth university 2003

A photo of me and a few University mates ten years ago…

Here’s another example. A guy saw me going crazy and over-reacting to a hotel manager in Argentina in 2010. His first impression of me was probably “moaning Northern Irish git”, “twat” etc. and he’d be entitled to say that as his first impression of me in this instance was a moaning eejit (idiot). But then I got a second chance to make a first impression by chatting to this guy. In the end he became best mates with me on the trip that we did to Antarctica together and we keep regular touch. He didn’t jump the gun and judge me from that first instance. And I don’t either.

shallow lunatics frog

Is this a crazy person? Or just a guy having a laugh by dressing as a frog? First impressions – lunatic. Don’t be that shallow.

I never judge people by their first impression, I let them have their first impressions again and again. And again. because you always get another chance in life. And if you don’t, take it with a pinch of salt and move on.

There’s no real need to take things too seriously. Especially on a quiet Sunday.

I’ve enjoyed sharing this with you today and have a ton more of these types of posts to come. There’s some old photos on this post too that hadn’t seen the light of day yet on my blog, so I’m also really happy to have shared these with you.

Stay lucky, but try not to jump the gun and judge people immediately. They might just be having a bad day. There may be a genuine method behind their madness. Who said being crazy was a bad thing?

sky diving in taupo jonny blair

Never judge on first impressions! You’ll get a second chance…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Inspiration: “You Don’t Get A Second Chance to Make A First Impression”

  • Well I met you through Student Union stuff, and I can’t remember my first impression, but my lasting impression was someone who seemed to know everyone, always doing something (definitely not lazy!), the first in the queue for a challenge and a really friendly guy to go with it all. I love reading about all your adventures!

  • Thanks Helen – I really appreciate the comment. It’s so nice to hear from the people I met and had fun times with in Bournemouth. It’s ten years this month since I moved there and I met a lot of people from all over the world. I did a bit of work for the Student’s Union too (Nerve Radio, a few magazine articles, in 2004 I did Welcome Crew, handing out keys etc. and I also did the Lock In and Locked Out). Life was busy to the max there and my degree, ironically came last for me. People might find that surprising but it’s the way things were. I’m really looking forward to sharing more of my Bournemouth and University times on here, something which I have yet to touch on much. From the jobs I had in Bournemouth, I was able to get a passion for travel, culture and got out and see the world. It all began one day on the Holdenhurst Road about 10 years ago…best wishes and stay happy! Jonny

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