Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Share A Room!

Share a room on your travels

Monday’s Money Tips on Don’t Stop Living – Share a room

Every Monday I bring you my top money tips from my travels. Remember as a budget traveller you have to really strip down to the bare essentials. Last week I mentioned how simply selling your smart phone will give you enough money for 2 weeks in Taiwan. This week I’m looking at saving money on accomodation while working. I have done this countless times, and you need to think about sharing a room with someone – you can cut your rent cost by half or by three!

Share a room

My first bedroom in Australia – share a room and cut your costs by at least 50%!

So, I secured a job working in a local pub in Australia in my first week living there and I had 2 travel mates. I needed a flat near to my work. So I replied to an advert on Gumtree for a guy looking for a flatmate – suddenly I’ve turned up with one of my travel mates and cut the rent in two by agreeing to share the room with him! My other travel buddy at the time, decided to do her own thing, so two of us moved into a tiny room in Parramatta in Sydney.

Messy room in Tasmania

Don’t be too picky – I once walked into this room to share in Tasmania!

To make things even cheaper, another travel buddy moved in a month later and the three of us were sharing a room. One on the bed, one on the floor and one on the mattress. I have also bed shared in a house in England to save money.

Love the hostel lifestyle

Hostels and room sharing are the key to money saving on your travels – and you meet loads of cool people

The most common room sharing is of course in hostels and I have done this in almost every country I have visited and you should start doing this if you want to see the world on a budget. Leave your pride and inhibitions at home – who cares if you wake up naked with strangers? Who cares if your clothes are all over the floor? (well some might but these are all part of travelling around).

Lock up your stuff!

Most hostel dorms have lockers – use them – don’t trust anyone!

One important final thing to note though – security and looking after your belongings. Make sure your room mates (or bed mates) are people you know and can trust. Or build that trust over time and don’t leave valuables lying around. Yes that sounds obvious, but so many travellers avoid it – lock up your valuables even from those in your room if you don’t know and trust them. If the hostel has a safe use it – if it has lockers – use them.

Always carry a padlock and key with you, always book the dorm rooms with the most beds and bed share. You’ll meet more people and save more money. Don’t Stop Living!

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