Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Backpack!

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: A Backpack!

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Backpack!

Now let’s state the obvious here – if you want to be a budget backpacker you NEED a backpack! I have met a lot of travellers who don’t travel with a backpack, instead they carry a suitcase or one of those bags that you drag along. But it’s better to stay hands free and lump everything on your back. To become a global traveller – get yourself a backpack!

SO why is a backpack essential. Well firstly – it goes on your back! A suitcase or a drag along bag does not. Imagine having to drag a bag or a suitcase through a desert, forest or up muddy paths in the rain! It’s not easy – I know because I was once a suitcase type of traveller too. But now and for the last 3-4 years I’ve been using my backpack.

So here are TEN Reasons to own a backpack:

1. You will carry less stuff. It’s proven. I tried it myself. You travel with more when you have a big suitcase.

2. It has more pockets and compartments than a normal suitcase. Last week I found a new pocket in my current backpack that I didn’t know existed!

3. It’s easier to carry. Well it goes on your back!

4. It’s lighter than a suitcase (when empty and when full). Even when empty, your backpack is not heavy. Empty suitcases are already heavier before you’ve even put anything in it.

5. People are less likely to steal something from a cheap backpack than they will from a suitcase. Who wants smelly socks, toilet roll and a pair of broken flip flops or thongs?

6. Your hands are free to do other things while you are carrying a backpack. You can carry other bags, open a tin of beer and do things you can;t while having to carry, drag or pull a suitcase style bag.

7. You will squeeze more stuff in. It’s amazing what you can squeeze into a backpack. Roll your clothes up!

8. Suitcases are much too organised for a global backpacker. This is not a being tidy contest. It’s all about seeing the world!

9. You can hang stuff from a backpack! Hang a pair of shoes off it, attaching them by shoestrings. You can also easily connect a tent and sleeping bag/mat to a backpack.

10. You can decorate it easier. Some people sew or iron badges onto it – this just looks silly if done on a suitcase!

Finally – if you travel the world with a suitcase, then you’re not literally a backpacker 😉

Happy Tuesday Guys! Don’t Stop Living!

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