My Craziest Nights Out On My Travels, Including One Night Stands

“Wake up the dawn and ask her why a dream a dream she never dies, wipe that tear away now from your eye” – Noel Gallagher.

Down the years I’ve been on many great nights out. Some alcohol fuelled, some visa dramas, some nights on the rip, some sex bombic experiences, many failed romances and death dinners. I thought I’d cover a few of them today. It’s not only booze related or Just One Night Stands you know. Here are some of the craziest nights out on my travels.

As a handsome guy in my 20s with a zest for life, there were always invites to parties. My real indulgence into one night stands came in the party town of Bournemouth in England from 2003 – 2009. In those days, kissing girls in clubs, going back to their flat or inviting them to yours were part of the culture. It was somehow deemed acceptable, as long as both parties agree to it. It can get complicated of course so make sure you are clear in advance.

1.The One Night Stand with D.

A lady who will remain anonymous was D. D and I met in the seaside resort of Bournemouth and were on the rip one night. We kissed in the club and soon had come back to my flat for a steamy session. I had some condoms and we played it safe and happy. Neither of us felt any shame and we had some joy. The next day we said our farewells and moved on. I did keep touch with D though and I really liked her too. I hope she still thinks the same about me and that crazy night in Bournemouth in 2004.

bournemouth beach best break

Bournemouth’s beach – golden sands.

2.The Fireball Festival in Nejapa, El Salvador

One night stands and alcohol don’t have to be involved on crazy nights out and indeed the Bolas del Fuego in El Salvador was proof of this. I got a phone call to my hostel room in San Salvador one morning inviting me to the crazy Fireball Festival in the barely known town of Nejapa in El Salvador. We were holding balls. Of fire! It was adrenalin flowing the whole night – no kissing or sex though – just pure fireball throwing!

Holding balls of fire in Nejapa!

Fire ball festival/Bolas del Fuego, Nejapa, El Salvador

3.All You Can Drink Night in NYC

I’ve written about this particular night a lot on my travels, but it was just insane. We paid $10 US each in July 2007 at the Aces and Eights Saloon for ALL YOU CAN DRINK night in New York City. It was a pure bargain which we all milked on one of the craziest nights out in history. It is on nights like this that kissing, hostel sex and all sorts of flirtations happen.

All you can drink for $10 in NYC!!

the pool competition in aces and eights saloon nyc 2007

Cheap international pool night NYC in 2007.

4.Suomi Sauna and Snow Diving in Jarvenpaa, Finland

It was nude and rude in the unknown town of Jarvenpaa in January 2015 when I shed my clothes with about 6 Finnish guys in full frontal nudity of the girls. We first did a naked all male sauna – tight and compact, we also necked a beer each in there. Then we dived nude in the snow in front of giggling Finnish girls and shrunken icicle willies! We should really have done it in the sunshine as the girls snapped photos of us in full nude format, sizes known and life would never be the same again. I since had no shame doing naked yoga or nude beaches and nude parks after this. A crazy night!

naked suomi sauna

Posing with Sonja’s Suomi scarf in Jarvenpaa

naked in snow noemi linzenbold

Brand promotion in the snow in Jarvenpaa, FINLAND. DSL.

5.The Death Dinner

Last and least is a negative one known as the “death dinner”. By dating Russian translator Zenia Mashevskaya for one night only in 2016, I got to experience the worst possible dinner date ever. This was a death dinner that could have easily resulted in a suicide for me given the depression that she caused me through her spate of cruel lies, both before and after the date. As far as one night stands go, this was the worst and later I felt like taking the culprit to court over it, as there was a sexual assault on me in front of the public in the city we dated in.

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