This is a live blog post. I ain’t done many recently, and though I’ve been busy travelling I have tried my hardest to find internet every now and then to upload photos and videos. With no luck on the photo or video front – they take far too long to upload and even then they normally crash.

So I am now in Ushuaia, the world’s most southerly city. It is beautiful here. Very relaxed and peaceful, yet with dogs on every street corner, loud Argentinians and kids playing football, the real culture of Argentina has been in no way affected by the tourist appeal of Ushuaia.

I’m all checked in and booked onto the boat. It’s mainly red, but also white and blue. It sits in Ushuaia Harbour at present. The boat is the MS Expedition which is normally used for ARCTIC voyages, so this is its FIRST and MAIDEN cruise to Antarctica. 

We have many and various places of interest on route and on the way back, none more so than the roughest stretch of water IN THE WORLD – the Drake Passage. Many explorers couldn’t navigate to Antarctica until the 20th Century in fact.

We will pass through The Beagle Channel, Cape Horn (the furthest south piece of land on the planet – that is not ice), Deception Island, South Shetland Islands, and many others. The wildlife should be exciting.

I have been staying in Ushuaia, which is classed as Fino Del Mundo – The End of The World. And sometimes it really feels like that…

I have two cameras packed for this adventure. I am excited to be going to Antarctica.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I hope to update on my return in just under 2 weeks.

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