Road Trip Part 18: Sunrise at Byron Bay and Best Break Burgers at Coolie

Road Trip Part 18: Sunrise at Byron Bay and Best Break Burgers at Coolie

After a night of madness and the progression of England into the World Cup Second Round at the expense of Slovenia, I enjoyed a nice sleep in a car park in the hippy magic of Byron Bay. You can read further about my night at Cheeky Monkeys bar in Byron Bay, here: Cheeky Monkeys

Apparently you’re not legally allowed to sleep in your car there either, but nobody stopped me and the car park had another few cars and vans in it.

I awoke, enjoyed the sunrise at the main beach at Byron Bay.

Then I drove round to Cape Byron. I made the short walk to stand at the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.

It was still early and later that day I had arranged to meet up with George Sutton who I worked with in 2009 during my fourth season working at Best Break. Best Break is a seafront food and drinks unit by Bournemouth beach in the South of England. Since I started working there in 2004, I have met people of 28 different nationalities just from that one job…

George Sutton was from the Gold Coast, and next up on my road trip I would indeed end up in the Gold Coast.

I texted George who was working and arranged to meet him at his flat later that afternoon. IN the meantime I had time to have breakfast at Tweed Heads (the last town in New South Wales before crossing the border into Queensland) and do a day of sightseeing round the sunshine seaside resort of “Coolie”, there I was in Coolangatta. It was hot and a beautiful typical Australian beach side town.

Travelled from – Byron Bay

Travelled to – Coolangatta

Road Trip Distance So Far – 2,112 kilometres

Key Song – 

Pulp – Sunrise:





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