Road Trip Part 5 – Yarram

I decided to stop at Yarram. There wasn’t anything special to see there, but it was a random spread out town in Gippsland, South Victoria. It was just a sunny winter morning and I only stopped to walk around and take a few photos. Here’s what I saw…

Shops on the main street. They look old and vintage. Thon Milk Bar wouldna looked out of place in a 1960s Belfast…And a sports store and a take away.

The local pub. Yarram Club Hotel.

Elegantly architected. Simply called The Yarram Hotel. $30 a night isnt too bad at all for a bed here. Could have made a nice wee stopover but it was on with the road trip…

The main street in Yarram. It was very wide with a barrier between the two sides of the road. there was adequate parking on both sides of the road.

The way I came into Yarram. It was a typical isolated town and how I imagined those types of places to be. It also seemed very British looking, yet behind the times like I had been warped back to the 80s. But that was OK.

Nice road speed warnings in Victoria – and sponsored by McDonalds. A clever advert doubling up as a lesson to drivers.

A sign to beware of Koala Bears – plenty of these types of signs on this part of the journey.

Road Trip Route – Foster to Yarram, Gippsland

Previous Stop – Foster

Distance Traveled – 190 kilometres

Next Stop – Start of 90 Mile beach.


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