Salar De Uyuni Tour – Part 14 – Sol De Manana : Sunrise and Geysirs *

On the third and final day of the tour we were awoke at 4 am and driven way out towards the Chilean border. The plan was to see a decent sunrise at the “Sol De Manana” site – literally “sun in the morning”, see the geysirs in the volcanic area and then grab a swim in naturally heated water before breakfast.

The geysir was great. I’d seen a few geysirs before, Rotorua in New Zealand was one and also on the Golden Circle tour in Iceland.

There’s not actually too much to comment on here. If you have seen volcanic terrain before you will know that it feels special. At the time I had a really bad headache and Jorg gave me some tablets to help, but I slept most of the journey to the geysirs.

Looking (and feeling) a bit worse for wear at the geysir!

And again. I seem to remember two separate stops. The first one was for the Geysir itself only. The next stop was a full on volcanic area with craters and the like.

The volcanic terrain. What the moon might look like. Or how I’d expect the moon to look like.

Volcanic fumes.

It just reminded me totally of Rotorua. Except this was at a height and nowhere near any main towns.

The bubbling crater, suddenly I didn’t feel so ill and that smell of eggs kind of returned. The one I loved from my 2 trips to Rotorua.

Touching the hot craters woke me up for sure!

If you don’t watch out you could fall into one of these!

More photos than description on this blog report. See me standing in amongst it all there.

Loving it.

Guillaume blows out the smoke.

Benoit’s cigarette gave off a lot of smoke.

I don’t know what I was doing.

Sunrise was already on the horizon.

The only Northern Ireland flag photo at Sol De Manana.

Bang. And the sun was up.

The sun had risen. We were warm again. My headache had subsided and it was on with the show.

After a short drive on rocky terrain we arrived and were ready for a swim, or at least a dip in hot thermal springs…

From – Our Hostel Hospedaje Las Rojas

To – Hot Thermal Springs

Via – Sol De Manana and Geysirs

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