Staying at Home in Lockdown: The Perfect Diet for Exotic Pets

Since I stopped travelling in February 2020 due to Coronavirus and a personal decision to stay put, homebound loyal and mask loyal have dictated the game. Many people have opted for pets to occupy our time at home, and – exotic pets sometimes. Owning exotic pets can be very exciting. However, since it’s rare for people to have these pets, it’s tough to understand their needs, particularly those regarding their diet.

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Staying at Home in Lockdown: The Perfect Diet for Exotic Pets

Many people worldwide seek companionship or pleasure by owning a pet. The most common pets are dogs or cats. However, some people love to step out of their comfort zone and seek something exotic. Sometimes, the pet they want is not commonly available for sale due to various reasons. The species might be considered wild by the majority of people, which is why they do not feel it right to own them. Other reasons might be high maintenance requirements or lack of expert care when required. Whatever the reason might be, everyone will agree that owning an exotic pet is challenging.

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One of the difficulties of caring for exotic pets is finding a suitable diet for them. My favorite website for solving this problem is , which is a great site for exotic pets and nothing to do with “flights” as its name suggests!

The diet of an exotic animal does not seem much different than that of humans when we surf the internet. Some advertisements for food products can be misleading. The truth about these products is that some might be better than others, but there is no absolute best.

Health of Pets

The primary consideration in any diet is that it must be healthy for the user. The healthiest diet might not be identical for two different beings. Depending on their species, weight, habitat, and physiology, their optimal diets may vary. Everyone would want their pet to live a long and enjoyable life. Hence, it is important to look for the healthiest diet according to your pet’s needs.

Tasty Treats

Everyone has their cheat days, taking a break from the difficult schedule of a healthy diet and helping themselves with something that satisfies their appetite. These foods might not be very nutritional. They may even be rich in sugar and fat which could be unhealthy for the body if consumed regularly. Unhealthy treats can make our exotic pets sick just like us. However, curing them can be more difficult than curing us. Thus, we should avoid adding frequent treats to our pet’s diet. They should only be given occasionally.

Bad Habits

When your pets taste something better than their usual food, for the first few times, they might reject their usual diet. This behavior will cause you to empathize with them and provide more of the unhealthy treats. Sooner or later, this might bring a significant change in their diet, making it unhealthy. Your pet will form a bad habit that can cause them to be sick as discussed above. So make sure you keep the treats occasional and don’t let it become a habit.

Introducing a New Diet

Sometimes, you find a better diet than the one your pet is accustomed to. The taste might be much different than what your pet is used to eating. The most common scenario is your pet will not accept the food or recognize it as their food. To address the issue, initially, you may add some of the previous food to the new one so that your pet understands that food has been served. Even after that, your pet might not be pleased with their new food. Offer them a little bit of their old food when they eat their new food. This would encourage them to break the habit and eat the new food. Eventually, they would adapt to their new diet, so there is nothing to worry about.

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Examples and Habitats

  • Rodents- Many rodents are considered usual pets, while others are rarer, which is why they are labeled as exotic pets. These can be hedgehogs, chinchillas, and squirrels. They are somewhat tamed species because they are not carnivores. There might be some omnivores, which can be dangerous for keeping as a house pet. To maintain their enclosure, it should be staged as their natural habitat. The more one can mimic the environment, the happier and healthier will their little friends be.
  • Reptiles- Some people are interested in purchasing the cold-blooded creatures that share our planet. These can be species like snakes, turtles, chameleons. These beings are also reliant on plant structures for survival. They might not need a lot of space for movement. However, it is important to keep their food and habitat warm; since they are cold-blooded, their temperature naturally adapts to their environment.

It is essential to understand the needs and nurturing requirements of a pet when they are purchased for companionship and pleasure. You can satisfy their needs only when you understand them well. Keep in mind the conservation of exotic animals. The life of a pet is just as important as that of any other living being. Always remember that you choose to have them; they did not choose you. Hence, you are obliged to provide to them. They are very attractive. There is no reason not to have them. Do your research for what you want to have and enjoy the thrilling experience you always wanted.

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