Travelling and Drugs: How Drugs Get Someone Into Trouble

The way people live nowadays can be stressful, looking at how the economy became too demanding of people’s time and energy to meet deadlines and achieve goals. 

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Travelling and Drugs: How Drugs Get Someone Into Trouble

The world is filled with pressure, and that is causing a lot of people to burn out. Travelling is one great way to give anyone a quick escape, unwind, and detox from a busy way of life. Thanks to the airline companies that found a way to make flying more affordable, many people can now fly anywhere in the world without emptying their savings account. This is the exact reason why the tourism industry saw a significant increase in the last few decades.

While tourism is enjoying the benefits of the booming industry, it somehow brought along some issues that everyone also needs to be careful of – drug tourism. Being far from home, a traveler may experience heightened freedom which may lead to excitement, clouding their sound judgment over things which includes trying things like drugs while at a party without realizing the risks involved.

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World Wide Coaching shares some insights about the things in common with those seeking help in recovering from drug addiction. Some clients of a quality drug rehab center shared that they got acquainted with illegal drugs whilst on a leisure trip. Because of these issues, life coaches have started to deep-dive on other things that could have possibly contributed to drug addiction, considering that most travel durations are considerably short. 

As Jason Shiers of WWC said on an podcast, “I love to coach people who want to make a difference in the world, and also who want to escape a lifetime of suffering. Seeing the world from a different place, nothing changes, but everything changes. We go on a journey of discovery together.” (1)

What are the side effects of drugs on travelers?

Impaired Judgement

A person who is high on drugs is either too relaxed or hyperactive. This is the reason why they are experiencing temporary incapacity to make sound judgments and actions as they become reckless because the chemicals in their brain affect their cognition.

Mental Health Problems

Many studies show that drug abuse leads to a long list of mental health issues, either temporary or permanent. As mentioned in the previous point, the chemicals can temporarily alter how people think, thus, affecting their actions. Suppose the person has been using illegal drugs for a long time already. In that case, it can permanently affect the natural brain chemicals and function, leading to irreversible damages. The saddest part is that this problem often leads to crimes.

The Reason For My 13 Months of Depression and Daily Suicidal Thoughts

Avoid mental health problems

Risk of Getting Sick

HIV has been one of the longest global health problems. With no available vaccines against the virus and no permanent cure, the virus still infects thousands of people every day despite the extensive global campaigns on preventing the infection. Sadly, drug addiction is associated with this problem. How? By sharing needles.

Financial Distress

The price of illegal drugs varies, but regardless of how much they cost, considering how highly addictive they are, a person hooked to drugs will no longer care much about their savings so long as they can satisfy their uncontrollable cravings. Some of them even find themselves pawning and selling their possessions if their funds are depleted, and at the end of a downward spiral, they will find themselves with nothing but a ballooned debt.


(1) Misunderstandings of the Mind Podcast with Jason Shiers.


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