Travel Essentials: Apps to Keep you Entertained on your Journey

Sleeping on a trip can get boring, and people prone to having motion sickness need something to distract them. What better way is there to distract a person, than entertainment? The days of reading newspapers or sleeping through the entire journey are over. Several apps have been developed, ranging from music apps to book apps to game apps and so on, to keep you entertained on your trips. So you can use these apps to pass the time instead of counting the trees by the roadside. One good thing about these apps is that some are available offline, so a fluctuating network is not a problem. Below is a list of apps that provide content that you can play online or offline.

Travel Essentials: Apps to Keep you Entertained on your Journey


It should not be surprising that Netflix comes first on our list. Contrary to popular opinion, Netflix is not only an indoor source of entertainment. So, aside from inviting your friends over for ‘Netflix and Chill’, you can also use it to kill boredom on a trip. Whether you are streaming movies online or watching them offline, make sure you have your earbuds with you to block out background noises as you watch. You might prefer to download movies and watch them offline whenever on a journey in case there is no stable network. However, if you are going to download them, make sure you have enough space on your device. Note that you can only use this app if you are not the one driving.


Spotify is highly recommended for music lovers, especially when they are on a trip. With a bit of money paid monthly, you can join the family of Spotify users and enjoy as many songs as you like. It provides several genres, so if you start with jazz, for example, and you get bored, you can switch to something else. Premium subscription has an advantage over regular as it allows you to stream songs without data; the perfect feature to escape bad internet connection while travelling. It also allows you to play other people’s playlists. Playing songs on a trip does not necessarily require your full attention, unlike watching a movie or reading a book.


If you are a book lover but sometimes not in the mood to read and need someone to read to you, Audible is the best app you can get for your next trip. Once you have bought a book, you can always download and play offline. The Library section on the app will give you a list of the books you have bought; you can download them from there. The ‘downloaded’ section on the app gives you access to the books you can play without using data. The author usually reads the books. A month free trial is usually offered, after which you are required to subscribe.


YouTube is probably the app with the widest range of videos to watch. You can watch movies, TV shows, music videos, tutorials, DIYs and so many other things. This variety makes it an excellent source of entertainment for a trip. With a good internet connection, you can download videos of your choice before the journey starts and watch them offline while you travel. There have been many complaints about the number of ads that interrupt users while watching videos on YouTube. The solution to this is joining the premium family so that you can watch without any disturbances. Also, with premium, you can play videos while using other apps on your videos or even when you lock your screen. Again, downloading will take up space on your device, especially if you are downloading high-quality videos, making you clear up space. You can get the downloaded videos in the Library section.


Podbean is a podcast app that is both entertaining and free. It has been in existence since 2006 and is a good source of entertainment. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. There are podcasts on different topics that suit short or long trips. You can either stream your favourite episodes or download them and watch them offline. So next time you are on a trip and boredom sets in, you can try out this app.

Heads up

Heads up, like Netflix, it can only be played by passengers on a trip, as it requires your full attention. It is a game app that requires you to guess any topic you have chosen. It has a lot of subjects and can be played easily. For instance, a player can describe an animal, and you will be asked to name the animal that has just been described. It is entertaining, especially when you play on a trip with your family or friends. It, however, cannot be played by just one person.

Now that you have read through this article, we hope you will try out one or two of these apps on your next trip and be entertained.

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