Sunday’s Inspiration: Always Want It

Today on Sunday’s Inspiration it’s time for a quote from Liam Gallagher of Oasis. This was a random line I remembered from a magazine interview in 1997 around the time of the simply epic “Be Here Now” release. With a piece of chalk, Liam inscribed the words “ALWAYS WANT IT” on a blackboard. As I waited for the release of the album, those words never appeared in a lyric, nor did I know where they came from. But I liked the quote. Loved it. Live by it, just like my motto of Don’t Stop Living. I thought of this quote this week while hiking in the mountains of Georgia.

always want it

Sunday’s Inspiration: Always Want It (from the mountains of Georgia).

You don’t ever want to be that person who says “no” to something, you don’t want to be stuck in a rut you can’t get out of, you don’t want to be ruled by anyone else. You want your own life without limits. Don’t set limits in your life. Even the sky isn’t your limit. You can reach for the stars if you like. To live your dreams, not just in travel but in other aspects of life, it’s a good idea to “always want it”. Work out what it is you want, and then do it. Always.

always want it jonny blair

I didn’t set a limit – I wanted to see Palestine so I went and did it.

Whether you like Liam Gallagher or not, he has a point. He doesn’t set limits. He lived his dreams. He started a rock band he made the big time, he milked the success and he always wants it. He’s mad for it. He wanted it. He always wanted it. Ignore Gallagher for a second though, and think about your own life.

1. What do you want in life?

jonny blair uruguay

Always Want It: I wanted to learn Spanish in Uruguay – so I went and did it.

2. Do you actively go and look for it every day?

always want it jonny blair

Always Want It: I wanted any job, anywhere and I got lots of them including weeding in Bishopsbourne, Tasmania.

3. Do you get what you want?

jonny blair dont stop living

Always Want It: I wanted to visit Antarctica so I went and did it.

4. If you don’t get what you want, then you probably don’t want it enough.

So you need to want it more. Try it. You might just get it. “If you want her, then go and get her”. Paul McCartney that time. But he’s right. The onus is on you.

north korean soldier jonny blair

Always Want It: I always wanted to get my photo taken with a North Korean soldier so I went and did it.

I like writing these Sunday’s Inspirations as they are different from my normal travel stuff, which breaks things up nicely and allows me to portray some of my inspiration for my lifestyle. I live by these quotes and I enjoy writing these posts. I know you might not all agree with my outlook, but I’ve used this sort of imspiration from others to get what I want out of life and I’m trying to ensure you’re all not wasting your time – go out and get what you want!

peru inca trail jonny blair

Always Want It: Yes I always wanted to camp out in the mountains of Peru on the Inca Trail so I did it.

On a final note, there’s no such word as can’t – you’ll find a way. I’m sat in a hostel tonight and there’s a Chinese lady here who says you “can’t travel for the rest of your life”. I’d estimate that you CAN.

But you have to always want it. You make your own success. Don’t waste time and don’t hang around waiting for that opportunity – make your own opportunities. ALWAYS WANT IT.

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