The Angling Backpacker: 3 Things To Consider When Fishing

Greg Rodgers fishing in Alaska

The Angling Backpacker: 3 Things To Consider When Fishing

As an angler, choosing the right fishing line is among the most vital decisions you should make. Your fishing line is the only direct link between you and the fish. Making a wrong selection translates to a lousy fishing choice. As such, you need to know the various types of fishing lines and understand both their strengths and weaknesses. You also need to know the kind of leader to use in different fishing situations. Learning about the characteristics of each fishing line will help you to determine which one to choose, when, and why. Read on to discover three things to consider when buying a fishing line.

  • Type. There are several types of fishing lines available in the market. However, they can be divided into the following three categories:
      • Monofilament. This fishing line is created with a single strand of nylon and it is left untwisted. The line is relatively cheap, a bit stretchy, and knots easily. However, this line has low sensitivity and maybe useful for only one or two seasons.
      • Braided. Braided fishing lines have a knot strength, and it is popular for deep-sea fishing. This line also has a thin diameter and minimal stretch. Due to its power, you have to use it with durable fishing rods and reels.
      • Thermal Filament. Thermal filament fishing lines are made by bonding small fibers. This fishing line has a small diameter making it a high-performance fishing line.
  • Line Strength. The strength of any fishing line is known as test and is measured in pounds. The right fishing line strength should match the weight of the type of fish you are fishing. For instance, you need to use a line within the 30-pound test for a tuna within the 30-pound range. If you are fishing for large fish, consider choosing braided fishing line of 30-pound test. When it comes to having the best fishing experience, the lightest gear will land you heavy fish. However, this requires knowledge and solid skills.
  • Line Stretch and Memory. Anglers need a line with less stretch since this increases sensitivity to feel the fish. However, in some circumstances such as trolling, you may need some line stretch. The line stretch will act as a shock absorber, which is essential in setting the hook in a soft-mouthed fish. When it comes to line memory, you need a fishing line with less memory. Line memory is the ability of the line to retain its shape after deformation. A fishing line with memory will maintain the loops that develop after wounding it up on a spool. A fishing line with no memory will stay straight, resulting in less friction on reels and guides. Such fishing lines have longer and smoother casts.

Regardless of the line you pick, make sure it is wound onto the spool with the right amount of tension. Otherwise, the line will become pinched and tangled even before you get it off the spool. Lastly, always ensure you visit a reputable store to buy a quality fishing line.  

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