The Coolest 6 Things to Do When Backpacking in Finland

So it is now almost 4 years since I was backpacking in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Christiania and Norway. My Scandinavian tour had so many highlights that I simply never wrote about. Finland was fun, especially the saunas and time with my friends in Jarvenpaa. I also toured Helsinki and Suomenlinna. Here are the coolest 6 things to do when backpacking in Finland!

The Coolest 6 Things to Do When Backpacking in Finland

1.Visit Santa Claus
Santa Claus is from Lapland and you can meet him for real (or fake) in Lapland. I skipped it on my trip, but one day it would be cool to meet the real Santa.

Jonny Blair Santa Claus a lifestyle of travel

Teaching English in Hong Kong may also involve dressing up as Santa Claus. The kids love it!

2.Have a Suomi Sauna in the Buff with other guys
Yes, I got naked with 6 Finnish guys in a tight room. We also had a beer each inside the sauna at Atte and Sofia’s house. I used a can of beer to cover my willy though. The below photo was actually BANNED by Facebook, crazy right?

Enjoying the beer in the Finnish Sauna.

I must add that none of us are gay and no penises touched!

With the lads in the Finnish sauna.

3.Try Your Luck in the Casinos of Helsinki

Calm Helsinki is one of the most northern capital cities in the world. It’s actually a pretty cool city with lots of great sights, some excellent bars and nightly entertainment. Head to which also has an online presence and place some bets. Always be aware of the risks though!

Outside Tuomiokirkko, Helsinki, Finland

Backpacking in Finland – Top Sights in Helsinki

4.Snow Dive in the Buff!
Nudity features again here, Finnish people are not shy. After getting hot and steamy in the packed male only sauna, we walked through the lounge and out into the cold cold weather. It was January and the snow was everywhere – I think it was about minus 25 degrees. After the sauna, we ran naked into the snow. It was the only us guys who had the balls to do it. This was in the village of Jarvenpaa.

Suomi Sauna and Naked Snow Diving in Jarvenpaa, Finland

Your willy shrinks a lot in the cold snow so the girls who filmed and watched got to see everything we had, and in their smallest form! It was disappointing that the girls didn’t join in on the nudity. I did get to see Karolina and Sofia with their bras in the snow. Next time, I hope everyone joins in the nudity! The below is a bit blurred so unless you were there, you won’t actually know my real willy size. The rest of the photos, I used a scarf or flag to cover my rude parts.

naked in snow noemi linzenbold

Brand promotion in the snow in Jarvenpaa, FINLAND. DSL.

Northern Ireland flag and the naked snow dive in Jarvenpaa.

Northern Ireland flag and the naked snow dive in Jarvenpaa.

naked suomi sauna

Posing with Sonja’s Suomi scarf in Jarvenpaa

And the girlies…

All I saw of the girls in Jarvenpaa

5.Tour Suomenlinna
I toured the amazing little island series of Suomenlinna. This is a popular UNESCO world heritage site and remains one of many places I visited on my travels that I never really mentioned or wrote about. It’s a day trip from Helsinki. You board the boat (buy a return ticket unless you plan to stay overnight on the islands) and it takes less than an hour to get there to Suomenlinna.

Ferry to Suomenlinna

Ferry to Suomenlinna

Ferry to Suomenlinna



6.Visit the North Pole
Finally, again this is one on the list that I didn’t do and will have to keep in my locker for some other time. But while here, head to the far north and board a flight to the top of the world – the North Pole!

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