“The script will write itself…” – Ben Paulley

Ben Paulley

‘Multiples’ is the title of the brand new 6 track E.P. from Bournemouth singer-songwriter Ben Paulley. I’m always intrigued when I hear local music and this is an excellent debut from Paulley, a member of former Bournemouth band ‘The Waves’. Taking inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan and Embrace, Paulley’s E.P. features half a dozen mouth-watering tracks to keep your eager ears listening.

Key tracks for me are the REM-esque ‘Surrender’, which canters along eloquently and makes for a fantastic pop song; and ‘Turn Back The Clocks’, which is as much a song about escapism as Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. “The script will write itself like a storm that you’ve never felt” sings Paulley as ‘Surrender’s’ chorus chimes into view (yes, you feel you can see it). Just after that the lyrics “I just hope that your splashing heart will help you to surrender” give this song a real dream-like quality, while the guitar intro reminds us of both the Sex Pistols and the Cranberries all in one. On ‘Turn Back The Clocks’, Paulley seems to be reaching out for answers beyond the chimes of his inspired acoustic guitar, culminating in an epic chorus where Paulley declares “It only hurts if you feel it.” These subtle hints of philosophy help bring out the best in each track and give the album a sense of Paulley’s personality which mixes humour and sincerity in equal doses.

The guitar tones and uplifting sentiment of ‘Barricade’ also see us warped back to the sort of melodies Noel Gallagher’s ‘Definitely Maybe’ repertoire would be proud of. This is an album to cherish, and in this modern age of pluralism, I found it deeply ironic and clever that songs such as ‘Surrender’, ‘Say it With Bombs’ and ‘Barricade’ would have absolutely nothing to do with war and peace. Well I guess that’s the beauty of music. It’s for you to listen and decide. Also of note is that Ryan Glover, a former Kasabian session drummer, drums on the album, giving it that rough and eager edge that all up and coming musicians aspire to. All in all this is a great addition to any guitar-based music collection.

1. Electric Blue Eyes 03:54
2. Surrender 04:05
3. Turn Back The Clocks 04:33
4. Say It With Bombs 04:08
5. Barricade 04:17
6. Multiples 05:26



‘Multiples’ costs £4.99 (including postage) and is available to buy online from http://www.benpaulley.com.

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