Thirsty Thursdays: 5 Cool Bars in the US Virgin Islands

The magic of the U.S. Virgin Islands attracts thousands of tourists every year. But in the heat and among thousands of other holiday makers, it is hard to truly relax even on Saint Thomas — the resort island famous for pools, bars, and beaches, as well as some top sights. I’d recommend staying in an exquisite hotel in Charlotte Amalie, the capital, which is a perfect base to explore this quintessential series of islands, which also includes the British and Spanish Virgin Islands. Hipmunk have listed the U.S. Virgin Islands are one of the Exotic 5 islands you must see before you die.

US Virgin Islands

Photo by Blayden Thompson via Trover

When the heat of the Caribbean sun beats down on you, you will feel like going into the shade, and after a day on the beach or a day out touring in the heat, these five bars in the area should keep you from getting hungry or thirsty.

1. Joe’s Rum Hut


Photo by Nancy Myers via Trover

Location – Cruz Bay, St. John

Joe’s Rum Hut has a superb location, as it is right on the beach at Cruz Bay. It’s a great place to chill out and watch the sun go down. It has also been voted one of the best beach bars in America. The $3 Happy Hour remains a firm favorite!

2. Morgan’s Mango


Photo by Randi Lynn via Trover

Location – Cruz Bay, St. John

If a fantastic lobster is what you are craving, head to Morgan’s Mango and check out the excellent seafood menu. Wines, beers, and cocktails are all served with aplomb, but the lobster night is so popular it’s even the locals’ favourite.

3. Caribbean Saloon

Caribbean Saloon

Photo by Eli Ditmore via Trover

Location – American Yacht Harbour, Red Hook, Saint Thomas

You are in heart of the U.S. Caribbean here, so a trip to a saloon-style bar can remind you of home despite the fact that you are on vacation. The Caribbean Saloon is a night club and a sports bar and is nicely situated in St. Thomas. It’s very lively at night and develops into a real party zone.

4. Sunset Grille

Location – Secret Harbour Beach Resort, Saint Thomas

After a hard day’s work (or travel), you will want to truly relax with an ice-cold beer or a sumptuous cocktail and watch the sunset. You have found a gem of a place here with Sunset Grille. Between the marvellous views and fine dining, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Soggy Dollar Bar

Soggy Dollar

Photo by Misha Gillingham via Trover

Location – White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

The Soggy Dollar Bar is a place for the more adventurous traveler. The reason being, it’s officially situated on the British Virgin Islands rather than the U.S. Virgin Islands, so you will need to get a boat across and bring your passport; you are entering UK overseas territory! It’s a perfect dream location of a bar serving up the coolest cocktails, coldest beers, and pumping out some great tunes by the beach.

As you can tell, the U.S. Virgin Islands are a tropical paradise and make for a very relaxing getaway. These five cool bars should satisfy your drinking and eating needs while touring the area.

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