Top 5 Beaches in Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands

When you think of the tropical paradise of Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, your mind may immediately think of cocktails at sunset, fresh blue waters, and sandy beaches. Saint Thomas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, and when you visit this place, you will know how to chill out. Some of the hotels in Saint Thomas are within walking distance of the beaches; others will require transportation to get to them. Below are five of the best beaches in Saint Thomas.

Coki Point Beach

Photo by There & Back Again via Trover

1. Lindbergh Beach
Lindbergh Beach is also known as the emerald beach, and this one is easily accessible through public transportation. Palm trees tower over golden sands in front of clear blue waters. Believe it: This place is exactly what your travel brochure told you the Caribbean would be like, and it all seems real now. Grab an ice-cold beer for sunset and you’re all set.


Photo by Renata Prieto via Trover

2. Coki Point Beach
Coki Point Beach has a small dive school, and for snorkelling, this location is one of the best on the island. This white sand beach is extremely popular, opposite the famous Coral World Ocean Park. A bus runs from Smith Bay to the entrance to Coral World and to Coki Point Beach. This area is also where some thefts have been known to occur, so stay alert for pickpockets during your stay.

3. Magen’s Bay Beach
Magen’s Bay Beach is also a gorgeous white sand beach and probably the pick of the beaches on this list. Magen’s Bay Beach can get very crowded, but the location is still a perfect spot for swimming and relaxing. One negative aspect of Magen’s Bay Beach is that no public transportation exists to get here, which is three miles from Charlotte Amalie, the capital. Some hotels organize shuttle buses, and taxis shouldn’t cost more than $9 to $10. Again, be aware that thefts and muggings can occur here.

For those who are a bit more adventurous, Little Magen’s Bay Beach is a nudist beach that’s farther around the coast on the trail. This spot is popular with gays and lesbians. Little Magen’s Bay Beach is completely recognized, and visitors can legally lose their clothes here and go skinny-dipping in the clear waters.


Photo by Diagnosis Wanderlust via Trover

4. Sapphire Beach
Here on Sapphire Beach, you have a view over the marina. This spot is a very safe beach and has lots of families visiting. You can find some cool bars and restaurants here, and a bus takes you near the beach entrance.


Photo by Eli Ditmore via Trover

5. Grand Beach
Situated on the north side of Saint Thomas island is the fantastic Grand Beach. This spot attracts families and couples and is also close to Coral World. The beach opens out onto Smith Bay and is a popular spot for watersports.

Hopefully, these five beaches will give you a perfect relaxing vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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