Top 5 Sights in Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a hugely popular travel destination in the Caribbean. In terms of accommodation, you can book into a hotel in Charlotte Amalie, the capital of Saint Thomas and a well recommended base when enjoying a relaxing vacation in the impressive U.S. Virgin Islands.

St Thomas

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Saint Thomas houses the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie. Most of the main sites are in and around the capital area. The island is a hub for cruise ships and has history dating  to the arrival of Christopher Columbus on these shores. It’s a delightful island with stunning architecture, splendid views, and surprising variety. These are five top sites to check out when you are there.

1. Blackbeard’s Castle

One of the standout attractions on Saint Thomas is Blackbeard’s Castle. Along with four other places, this is a National Historic Landmark in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The castle was actually constructed by the Danes and used primarily as a lookout post to protect the harbour. Blackbeard’s Castle sits on the peak of Government Hill and offers scintillating views and interesting historical information.


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2. Fort Christian
Built by the Danish in 1680, Fort Christian has also been listed as a National Historic Landmark. The fort has a distinctive red entrance and is the oldest standing building in the U.S. Virgin Islands. At various periods down through the years, the fort fulfilled a number of purposes, including a prison, government building, and these days it is a modern museum.

3. St. Thomas Synagogue
St. Thomas Synagogue is a gem of a place, which is surprisingly the second oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. Jews arrived and founded it in 1796. The synagogue is unusual compared with other Jewish synagogues and the most interesting thing inside is that the floor is full of sand. Art and architecture takes its influence from both Spain and the Netherlands.

St Thomas Synagogue

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4. Paradise Point Tramway
A superb attraction for families, couples, and solo travelers alike is Paradise Point Tramway. Over the years the tramway has been intermittently working, but these days it’s a thriving attraction. From the top there are great views, and there are souvenir shops and cafés at either end. The Tramway is in Charlotte Amalie East and takes you from the West Indies Company dock to Paradise Point.


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5. Magens Bay
When you are visiting an island as tranquil and beautiful as Saint Thomas, it is important to find some remote places to relax. Magens Bay has a marvellous white sand beach, frequented by locals and travelers alike. Swimming is a popular activity in the fresh, clear waters. Fish and turtles are often spotted here, and there are plenty of restaurants and the bars by the beach.

Overall, Saint Thomas is a very impressive place to visit, and most travelers speak highly of their holiday.

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