Thirsty Thursdays: 5 Quirky Coffee Shops in Richmond, Virginia, USA

Richmond, Virginia is home to over 200,000 people, yet is not exactly the most touristic city of its size in the USA. If you check on the Hipmunk site, however, you will see that there is a good range of hotels in Richmond to stay in, and it’s a pleasant city for a quiet break. You can check out the main sights to see in a day, but a great thing about Richmond is the relaxed vibe on the streets. Here are five quirky coffee shops to check out on your trip to Richmond.


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1. Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe


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Address – 1217 East Cary Street (Shockoe Slip)

The perfect place to take a step back in time and really feel like you are out in the countryside is the Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe, which attempts to bring rural life to the urban city centre here. Within the café is a shop selling organic and freshly grown products. The coffee range remains superb with freshly brewed coffee, iced smoothies, and Farmhouse shakes.

2. Sub Rosa Bakery


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Address – 650 North 25th Street

The Sub Rosa Bakery is a wood fired bakery which specialises in pastries. Sub Rosa also caters for special orders. Since everything is freshly baked in house, the products are hugely popular among the locals. This is how you know it is worth a visit. The quiche, tarts, and croissants are some of the best pastries you could wish to eat in the city, and fresh coffee comes as standard.

3. Sugar Shack Donuts

Sugar Shack

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Address – 1001 North Lombardy Street

Those of you heavily into having a donut with your morning coffee will love Sugar Shack Donuts. With a delightful and colorful range of freshly made donuts, this is a hit for almost everyone who visits. Donut flavours range from Apple Cake to Chocolate Peanut in an ever-changing menu.

4. WPA Bakery


Photo by Kara via Trover

Address – 2707 East Marshall Street

For some unusual cakes and pastries, head to the WPA Bakery. The WPA Bakery is very much a local neighbourhood bakery away from the brand name coffee shops. It’s more of a place to relax than those full of commuters grabbing a quick coffee. Treats on offer include sticky buns, peanut butter pie, and a delightful Hummingbird Cake. Wash your pastries down with a hot cup of fresh coffee.

5. The Black Hand Coffee Shop

Address – 3101 Patterson Avenue

Last but not least on the list is the Black Hand Coffee Shop. This is arguably the best coffee shop on the list — with a range of international coffee — given its location in the museum district of Richmond.

As you can tell, Richmond, Virginia is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee and a light snack. The best thing is you will avoid the tourists and can mingle with the locals.

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