Thirsty Thursdays: Secret Bars in London, England

Jonny Blair in London's secret bars

Thirsty Thursdays – enjoying a beer in London, England in one of the ‘secret’ bars with my one time flatmate John Johnson!

Thirsty Thursdays today on Don’t Stop Living takes us back to the UK. I spent a year living in London in England and have been back countless times since. So here’s a thirsty Thursdays on all those secret bars in London! I bet you didn’t even know there were secret bars in London. This is one for the pub crawl lovers!

When I head back to London, I still manage to do it on a budget by the way, I stick to loyal companies that have served me well (and beer!) over the years. It’s worth checking out hotels in London from Travelodge which are easy to organise and of course within budget. Time to hit the town and find those secret bars!!

Jonny Blair in London on a pub crawl

Quick tube stop on a night out before we went to check out secret bars in London, England!

Why head for the franchise bars for a drink when you’re in need of a bevvie in London? When you could head for a spot that is relatively unknown to visitors and tourists! England’s capital city is filled with independent bars that are off the beaten track and incredible to visit as an unforgettable experience rather than your normal English style pub.

While locals know the best secret hangouts, for visitors, they are hidden away and unheard of. Here’s a little helping hand if you fancy finding one for yourself, though, and just for a change, no photos of the bars, it’s a ‘secret’ remember 😉 Well OK, I’ll put a few up…

Jonny Blair in London in a secret bar

Having a beer in a secret bar in London, England with my good friend Steve Jones.

1. The Fourth Wall
This mega secret bar is about as hidden as you’ll get – seeing as it changes its venue every weekend. Although it wanders to alternative sites on a Friday and Saturday, the same familiar decor and drinks menu remains, wherever it is. It’s a good idea to sign up to their email alerts and you will receive a venue hint every Wednesday – if you can’t figure it out, just call or email them. Love the quirkiness of it all.

2. Drink, Shop & Dance
This is an off the beaten track hideaway in King’s Cross. Housed upstairs in an old sex shop, this super cocktail bar is a perfect find, if you can find it! Remember to book though – it fills up fast, so reservations are paramount.

3. La Bodega Negra

You can also find a speakeasy bar tucked away at the back of a porn shop, in Soho, called La Bodega Negra – it’s amazing what you can find if you look hard enough!

Dont Stop Living bars in London

Rush Hour in Central London – bound to be a hidden bar for a pint…

4. The Black Door

You’d be hard pressed to notice this place in King’s Cross, considering it’s hidden behind an indistinguishable black door above The Fellow gastropub. Once you’ve found it though, you’ll be treated to cosy 1920s decadence with a rock n roll soundtrack.

5. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town
A basement bar that’s hidden behind a fridge – how cool is that (literally!)? Located in Shoreditch, in The Breakfast Club, this fabulous bar offers a fantastic ambience, plenty of fun and lashings of food and drink to keep you happy. Be sure to  give them a call before you turn up, to avoid being turned away at the fridge door.

6. Bart’s Bar
Ring the bell on the door tucked away behind an average apartment block in Kensington and you will be greeted by cocktail makers who are some of the best in London. With plenty of fun to be had, including a free-to-use dressing up box, you can be sure that an evening in Bart’s is well worth it.

7. Underdog
If you ask the bar staff in Brewdog, in Shoreditch, they will direct you to this basement bar that oozes speakeasy charm.

Jonny Blair in London England

Chilling out on a return trip to London – there’s a bar round here – but it’s a secret!

So that’s all the secret bars I can tell you about for now – there’s a fair few more, including one that me and my mates used to frequent in Leicester Square – but I can’t tell you where it is, it’s a secret! And remember you can cut your costs by heading to one of the many hotels in London from Travelodge.

Thirsty Thursdays is an ongoing regular feature on Don’t Stop Living – a lifestyle of travel. If you have a bar, pub, drink, restaurant, brand or idea that you would like reviewed or featured on Thirsty Thursdays, please get in touch via my contacts page or my advertising page. I’d love to hear from you! I’d also love a free pint and a meal. Cheers!

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