Thirsty Thursdays: Galway Irish Pub – The World’s Southern Most Irish Pub Number 1

The World’s Southermost Irish Pub – The Galway in Ushuaia

I’ve been to a fair few Irish Pubs it would be fair to say. I like them – it’s probably the only part of my culture that is global and has a positive reputation. A lot of my fellow countrymen seem to like avoiding them for some reason and I’ll never understand that – at the end of the day its positive PR for Northern Irish and Southern Irish, and in many cases extra money and revenue. I’ve also worked in Irish Pubs in 3 different continents:

2001 – McMillens Bar and Restaurant, Bangor, Northern Ireland, EUROPE.

2009 – 2011 – PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub, Parramatta, Australia, OCEANIA.

2011 – Delaney’s Irish Pub, Hong Kong, ASIA.

So I’m very much into them and I love how each Irish Pub has its own unique experience and atmosphere.

I’ve now been to Ireland’s highest Irish pub (The Ponderosa), Ireland’s oldest Irish pub (Grace Neill’s), Singapore’s most ridiculous Irish Pub (O’Bamas), the world’s highest Irish Pub (both of them – 1 in La Paz, the other in Cuzco) and here in the south tip of Argentina I had a few drinks in both Irish Pubs – one of which will officially be the southernmost Irish pub on the planet.

So this post is about Galway Irish Pub, a funky wee yellow and green bar on a street corner in central Ushuaia, itself the southernmost city on planet earth.

I spied it on my first day in Ushuaia, and visited it twice on my trip there, once before Antarctica and once after.

Some mementos up on the wall – they also had flags of many countries – not Northern Ireland however – which is often neglected!

Strangely they had a GAP Adventures flag – the very company I was sailing to Antarctica with!

In Galway Irish Pub I drank with Andreas from Switzerland who was sharing the room in my hostel – Cruz del Sur. They didn’t have Guinness at all – would imagine it would be tricky to get it all the way there – we’re only 1,000 kilometres north of Antarctica here. But instead they sell a black stout type beer – brewed locally so I had one!

Rather dark and not cold – t shirts on for Andreas and I having our southernmost Irish Pub experience!

The bar itself.

Once again my Northern Ireland flag photo.

After the Antarctica trip, a few of us hung around in Ushuaia for a few days, and visited Galway Irish Pub again!

Our drinking group that night all signed a napkin and left it up in Galway Irish Pub – apparently the world’s southernmost Irish Pub. But just to make doubly sure I had a drink in the world’s most southern Irish Pub, I also visited Dublin Irish Pub in Ushuaia which has the same claim. I drank in each and will report in a Part 2 on the Dublin Irish Pub.

Name of Pub – Galway Irish Pub

Location – San Martin Street, Ushuaia, Argentina

Distance from Antarctica – 1,000 kilometres

Beers Tried – Beagle Ale, Cape Horn Stout

Nationalities Met – Swiss, Argentinian

Key Song – When Irish Eyes Are Smiling


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