Tips for Great Boating Holidays in France

Boating holidays are no recent development. People around the world have been spending their holidays cruising over canals and rivers for decades. Gradually, it has become a trade for those who offer services for newcomers and foreigners.

Tips for Great Boating Holidays in France

Services of a wide variety of standards are available, and holiday lovers avail them.

Why Boating Holidays?

There are several reasons that people choose a boating holiday. The general reasons are:

  • The joy of choosing from various types of boats. Some are expensive, and some are cheap. In either case, the delight and exhilaration are no less.
    You are also free to set your time, direction, and destination and, if you think you need, change your plan partially and wholly at any time.

From so many types of boats, you can purchase whatever suits your choice and budget. You might like to choose one from some narrow boats for sale and very well start planning the next trip.

  • A boating holiday offers liberty. Away from the hassles and bustles and doldrums of life, your boat is a complete retreat.
  • The discovery. It does not necessarily mean you discover some place where nobody has ever gone. It’s a discovery for yourself. You find out how peaceful your life can be. You discover how beautiful and picturesque nature can be.

There are more of them awaiting your visit. Don’t miss them.

Some of the Eye-Catching Canals in France

Here lies the real amazing feature of French canals. There are not only a couple of them but dozens of them, many of which are joined to one another, and this is seemingly an eternal journey within a paradise.

Here are some of them:

  • Canal Du Midi

Located in Toulouse, this canal has been declared as UNESCO world heritage. There is no debate as to whether one should find peace and complete taste of holidays on a boat.

  • Canal de Nantes à Brest

When you cruise through this spectacular canal, you’ll slice through Brittany and gradually pass Josselin, Malestroit, Pontivy, and La Gacilly one after another with overwhelming sights on both sides.

  • Canal de Briare

This is a voyage from Briare to Montargis, one of the oldest canals of France. It’s not natural but engineered during the 19th century.
If you start sightseeing through this canal, there will be no finishing point as this canal directly links to Canal Lattéral à la Loire.

  • Canal de la Marne au Rhin

This canal leads you From Vitry-le-François to Strasbourg. You’ll simply stand on the deck spellbound while observing the natural beauties along the way. The dark green hills of Lorain with steep, wooded valleys are bound to enchant any traveler.

Some more canals could be found here.

Pack Smartly for the holidays

Now that you’ve got an idea of the spots you’re ready to go, here are some tips on how to pack and what to pack.

  • The luggage should always be soft and light so that you can stow again once you unpacked them.
  • Hard and stylish shoes are not suitable. Rather slipper-like sandals that are easy to put on and off are more useful because you have to get on board and out of the boat again and again.
  • Shoes that have better grips are the ones you need; most boat pools are slippery.
  • Layers are always essential because even in autumn, the mornings and evenings are chilly though the afternoons are quite toasting hot.
  • Nautical stripes are always timeless. This classical garment seems to be perfectly designed for boating, and you’ll always enjoy wearing it.
  • You might also like jumpsuits and overalls because they’ll be helpful while you’re climbing up and down the deck again and again.

Some Important Do’s and Don’ts

There shouldn’t be any doubt that even going for boating has some rules and regulations that you must keep in mind.
And there you are going boating in an entirely different country. Please keep in mind the following things:

Be Mindful That You Are Not A Professional Sailor

Unless the boat you hired (or bought) has a crew of its own, your friends and families are the crew, right? Please instruct them clearly about the basic rules of sailing and navigating through the waterway.

Enjoying holidays should not end up with stranding the boat on one side or hitting another boat only to compensate a lot and go back to your home prematurely.

You might even find it difficult and challenging to stop your boat aligned with the deck. Many other issues look very easy and interesting but difficult to accomplish by some inexperienced family members.


The general concept that rules are made only to be broken is not always and everywhere right.

Safe navigation rules by the local authorities or the boating rental companies are something that you must follow. Excuses like ‘you were new’ or ‘it was merely a mistake’ wouldn’t at all be considered compassionately.

Therefore, beware if the route is unclear or ask questions if you have any queries or suspicion.

No Need to Speed up

Pleasure trips never need speed. For boating in narrow canals, this is even more relevant. You never know where there could be a submerged object. Hitting a submerged object even at 5 or 6 knots per hour could damage your boat, causing a lot of compensation.

You need to be especially careful when nearing intersections, rounding bends, or passing other boats.

The main miscalculation occurs when docking the boat. Especially freshers reckon that they could stop the boat in time and, unfortunately, they discover that there were no breaks for the boat and they have to fight to stop it.

Mind the Electricity and Water Supply

Most boats have limited water supply for an extended cruise, and you’ll need to be really miser when flushing the toilet or showering.

The same goes for the usage of electricity. Don’t charge your phone or laptop from the boat’s battery, unless you are sure you can recharge it shortly from the next port.

For more advice from an experienced captain, visit here.

Good Luck!

It just needs a little awareness and sensible movements while you are out on vacation. There should not be any problem if you always ask questions and keep yourself informed.

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