Top 5 Bars in Richmond, Virginia, USA

When backpacking in Richmond in Virginia, you’ll want to explore the city’s top sights by day and by night you’ll be up for a few bars, restaurants and clubs. First of all you need to have a base, so you can start off by checking the best hotels in the city of Richmond. Then after your day of sightseeing, here are five of the best bars and restaurants in Richmond to check out.

Richmond VA

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1. Capital Ale House
The Capital Ale House is a chain of bars which claim to be Richmond’s authority on beers. They have five locations in total and their ale house on East Main Street in downtown Richmond continues to sell the largest selection of craft and imported beers in the area. Staff are knowledgeable and the range of beers, both on tap and in bottles, is mouth watering for any real ale lovers.

Address: 623 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia, 23219

Real Ale House

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2. Cary Street Cafe
Cary Street Cafe has been in operation since 1995. It has built up a good reputation as the best hippie bar in Richmond. Their live music features an eclectic range of sounds from reggae to bluegrass to rock’n’roll to country. There is a healthy range of beers on tap too which are rotated so you never know what to expect when you call in here.

Address: 2631 West Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia, 23220

3. Weezie’s Kitchen
Weezie’s kitchen is a popular budget option. It is a bar and restaurant which offers a Sunday promotion of food and drink specials between 3 and 9 pm. Happy Hour runs through the week from 3 to 7pm and it has live music on Thursday nights.

Address: 3123 West Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia, 23221

4. Rare Old Times Irish Pub
We all know how Americans love their Irish bars and the Rare Old Times in Richmond serves up as authentic a taste of Ireland as you could expect in this neck of the woods. They offer a tantalising menu of Irish food, beer and whiskey as well as a Happy Hour and live music nights. Their Whiskey Dinner nights, St. Patrick’s Nights and New Year’s Eve are hugely popular.

Address: 10602 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23235

Irish pub

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5. Secco Wine Bar
Secco Wine Bar is a European styled bar in Richmond that caters for late night drinks, weekend brunch and casual dinners. It has a friendly vibe about it and specialises in wine, with a range of over forty low-production wines. The interior decor is also striking and the restaurant was built on a humble budget using recycled wood. It’s a favourite for wine lovers and those craving European food with exquisite dishes based on Sicilian, Greek and Italian recipes.

Address: 2933 West Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia 23221

This list of bars in Richmond should keep you satisfied, it is certainly a city with a good range of nightly bars and restaurants and a range of live music venues to suit all tastes.

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