Top 5 Places I Haven’t Yet Backpacked In

Can you actually write about places you have never been to? I always used to hate seeing it on other blogs, it was all a bit fake and contrived. But we all have dreams and my quest to reach 200 real countries by the age of 40 isn’t going too well. I’m still 35 countries short with zero new trips planned, and less than 35 months to do it, so that should mean I need to backpack more than 1 country a month to nail it. That said, I thought I’d compile my personal top 5 that slipped away, the places I haven’t yet backpacked and that hopefully I will one day.

Top 5 Places I Haven’t Yet Backpacked In

Quite simply Nauru is one of the least visited countries in the world (only the likes of disputed nations such as Adammia, Podjistan and Austenasia really come lower than it). It is also very remote and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so a real challenge. I want to backpack it someday. It’s a dream of mine.

Travelling to Nauru??

2.Mount Kilimanjaro
Now in 2013 I actually visited Tanzania on a tour with Shadows of Africa. But it was a safari tour. I flew into Mount Kilimanjaro Airport and got to see Africa’s highest peak from a distance but imagine summitting it? That would be some achievement and a real travel dream. I’d put Climbing Kilimanjaro in my top 5 every time. I’m pretty sure I need more training though!

Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport

I remember watching the 1998 World Cup when Jamaica qualified and thinking it must be an island to really party in. The truth is I have basically ignored the Caribbean so far. Yes I might have backpacked in every country in America from Canada to Chile, but the islands in the Caribbean remain untouched by me except for Utila (Honduras), Caye Caulker and San Pedro (Belize) and Trinidad and Tobago. Next time, I’ll aim to reggae the party up in Jamaica!

Unbackpacked Jamaica

I’ve been meaning to visit Cameroon for years and years and never quite managed it. On each trip to Africa I tended to choose a new country, visit it and then leave Africa. This leaves the land of Roger Milla and the 1990 World Cup still elusive to my backpack. I really want to go sometime and watch some football!

Roger Milla and Cameroon in 1990

5.Papua New Guinea
Another odd story here was that Daniel Evans and I once considered getting a boat from Australia to Papua New Guinea! It was in 2010 we thought of the plan. I even met a guy from Papua New Guinea in Parramatta in Australia and tried to organise it. However, it never materialised as I started working in Tasmania and ended up further south instead – to Antarctica. My friend Graham Askey was there in Papua New Guinea though.

World Traveller Graham Askey making friends with the locals in West Papua,

Having just completed my long term Soviet Union jigsaw dream FIFA country wise, I will get planning more trips soon. First though I must rid myself of depression, eliminate liars and fake Guru Gods and watch the World Cup. It’s going to be a tough summer in my mind, but we keep plugging away to try and stay happy.
Safe travels!
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