Top 5 Places In The UK That I Haven’t Been To Yet

I’m not writing this as a challenge or a call to action, but more of a consideration for places that I should really have visited before, and haven’t. I have now been around the world, swallowing a staggering 199 countries to date, country 199 being the British Virgin Islands. Oh that day, I landed on Beef Island

Chilling in the British Virgin Islands

While I won’t include the Isle of Man (as it’s not UK), I broadened the post to the UK so I can include all the countries I personally count as being in the UK. Coming from Northern Ireland, of course this means that my homeland must feature on this list. The travel industry motors on through the COVID storm and we can still find some great hotels when booking or Ebooking, or both sometimes we find some gems due to the fact that there are less people travelling these days. So get your flights booked, use E Booking to sort your accommodation and get exploring the UK. These are the personal top 5 of places I haven’t been to yet. Maybe one day…

1.Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland

It might feel shameful that as a proud Northern Irishman, I have never actually been to Rathlin Island, our biggest island! It’s a place I have always wanted to visit yet weirdly, I always skipped it. I really hope to backpack it one day and of course you can now organise it all via eBooking (electronic booking). It looks beautiful…

Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland

2.Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

As a writer and author of four books now, it baffles me that I STILL haven’t been to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the home of William Shakespeare. The man who added over 400 new words to the English language and a personal hero and up to looker. One day I hope to do the Shakespeare pilgrimage and have a beer and a bit of poetry writing in his town.

Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

3.West Bromwich, England

The famous Lock In Lee lives in West Bromwich, yet I neglected it all these years. I did visit Nottingham (Lee’s team play there) and Birmingham many times but COVID affected why I didn’t visit West Bromwich yet. One day…

Lock in Lee and I in Prague in 2007

4.The Scilly Isles, England

It might seem totally outrageous to include these remote islands, the Scilly Isles on this list. However, this has been a huge dream of mine for over 30 years!! I first heard about the world’s smallest football league being here – it has two teams in it – The Garrison Gunners and The Woolpack Wanderers. My dream is to watch that match, have a few beers and a weekend on the remote but epic Scilly Isles!

The Scilly Isles, England

5.Bangor, Wales

I grew up in a town called Bangor in Northern Ireland. However, Wales, also within the UK has an actual city called Bangor and I have yet to visit! Yes that might sound odd but it’s true. I will be checking out where to see in this city making a reservation or appointment for a service via the internet.

Backpacking Bangor Wales

I really hope that one day I will live the dream and visit all 5 of these places in the UK…

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