Top 5 Places to get Naked Around the World

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Top 5 places to get naked around the world.

We are born naked. Somewhere along the way some bright spark invented clothes and decided we should cover up. Possibly to cope with cold weather, possibly to keep clean, possibly to protect ourselves or possibly shame at showing our so called “private bits” to others. Sod that, I went backpacking around the world getting naked a few times along the way and enjoying the freedom of it. Here are my top 5 places around the world to get naked, all from my own experiences of getting nude, feeling the freedom and flashing my bits. This was actually a post I offered to write on my Facebook page depending on votes, and only one vote was cast but here’s the article anyway!

incahuasi naked guys

Getting naked with the lads in Incahuasi, Bolivia.

1. Antarctica.
Antarctica is the coldest continent on the planet and yes you do freeze there even with clothes on. But for a laugh, most tour groups organise a “polar plunge”, basically one morning set aside for everyone that wants to go in for a swim or a dip in the ice cold waters can. I put my green football shorts on to start with, but once I got into the cold waters, I just whipped them off and loved the freedom of it.

jonny blair backpacking naked antarctica

Getting Naked in Antarctica – this is a blurry mild photo – ruder ones do exist.

Although it was cold, we got rewarded with a cream and Kahlua shot as we boarded the boat again. Two others also got naked in the ice cold waters. Think mini penises and erect nipples. Think freedom and fun. Read my story of getting naked in Antarctica.

2.Dead Womans Pass, Inca Trail, Peru.
In 2008 I set myself a target to do the Inca Trail in Peru. I went through some dark times in 2009 however and after the girl I was sure I had finally found left me behind, I headed out backpacking again. When I reached the peak of the Inca Trail in Peru about 2 years later, I had a sudden sense of freedom and reality. The peak at Warmiwanuska is known as Dead Woman’s Pass. I got there ahead of my group and knew the hardest part of the hike was over and done with. So I got naked. I took my clothes off at the top of the Inca Trail.

dead womans pass peru

Getting naked in Peru at Dead Woman’s Pass, the peak of the Inca Trail.

My tour group buddy Roberta from Brazil came up a few minutes after me and while standing naked, I told her how good I felt about it. She took a few quick snaps, refused to join in this crazy activity (good decision Roberta!) and as the mist and rain fell I had that feeling of happiness return. I had left behind this Hungarian wannabe and was out seeing the world. 50 countries deep at this point and living my travel dreams. Naked and lonely with my fears. Read my Inca Trail stuff here.

3. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.
I loved the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. So much so that me and my two French travel buddies decide to do a load of streaking on the 3 day tour. We got naked at Incahuasi, on the Salt Flats, at Laguna Colorada and at Laguna Canapa.

getting naked in bolivia

The lads at Laguna Canapa in Bolivia. The flamingoes had a decent view.

4. Jimjilbangs, all over Korea.
Jimjilbangs are cool. They are a place to get naked, swim, shower, relax, eat and sleep. You can even check into a Jimjilbang and stay the night there is you fall asleep in one of the lounges. Some backpackers do that.

south korea jimjilbangs

I got naked in a Jimjilbang in Seoul, South Korea.

5. Turkish Baths, Turkey.
Turkey is famous for its baths and so I headed to my first ever Turkish Bath in Trabzon. I had been at some baths and massage parlours before around the world, some naked and some clothed. The Turkish bath I went to was male only. It was a bit sweaty and steamy in there which added to the oddness of it. After rinsing myself off, I have a guy come over and give me a full on wash, Turkish style. It’s a bit full on and apparently dead skin comes off.

turkish bath trabzon turkey

About to get my kit off in Trabzon, Turkey for a Turkish Bath.

So get out there and be free everyone – don’t worry who sees you naked – it’s hardly a major thing. In hostels I’ve seen more tits and willies than in a porn mag down the years. One thing though – on nude beaches make sure you wear enough sun cream.

“You make me feel naked, undressing me with your eyes” – Louise Nurding 

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