Top Five Apps to Stave Off Boredom Whilst Travelling

Bored in Istanbul Airport – coffee time

Exploring far flung destinations and crossing borders of exotic locales is exciting, but it can also be incredibly boring. Quite often I’ve spent hours standing around a border control point just waiting in line to be let into a country and it can get mind-numbingly boring fast. 

Back in the day – the loneliness and boredom

I find reading helps or killing time earning some extra travel cash on but when you’re trying to travel light you can’t exactly stock your bag up with books or get a stable internet connection. So, here’s my top five recommended apps to stave off the boredom when you’re on your own adventure. 


Like Netflix but free, Crackle has a small but surprisingly good collection of shows and movies, so you don’t have to sit through one of your favourite films in another language. Simple download what you want when you have an internet connection and then watch it at your leisure when you’re looking to kill time. 

It’s perfect for powering through a few episodes of shows I’ve really wanted to catch up on but haven’t had the time. Now I can sit back, relax with an exciting movie and the hours just fly by. 

Bored at Gatwick Airport – pintage


One of the most annoying problems I run into is keeping track of all the photos I’ve taken and where they were shot. With this free app you can keep on top of it all by combining your photos and location info into an exciting collage that you can easily annotate. 

Little Inferno 

We all know how cathartic it can be to throw out and burn old junk we don’t need anymore. But instead of becoming a real world pyromaniac I’ve settled for a virtual fireplace with Little Inferno.  

This adorable indie game lets you burn an assortment of strange and weird objects that all react in incredibly entertaining ways to being lit up. Plus, with a heart-warming twist in its ending Little Inferno is great at keeping me cosy and happy on cold nights. 


Eating in another country can be a digestive minefield at times. There’s so many weird and wonderful local delicacies to try, but they won’t all be nice, trust me. 

That’s why I recommend Panna. This free app lets you browse local recipes for what you like and then provides a lesson on how to make it as well as lists of ingredients. So, if you want to avoid an upset stomach on your next trip, then try cooking your own meals with Panna! 


Instead of bagging down your rucksack with magazines you grabbed at the airport, why not use Pocket to save some space. This free app lets you browse and download magazines, articles and other online information that you can then read offline at your leisure.  

The Verdict 

Travelling can be quite stressful at times, so why not make things so much easier by grabbing a couple of these apps and enjoy your next globe trotting adventure! 

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