Touring H1 and H2 both the Israeli and Palestinian Controlled Parts of Hebron, Palestine

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Touring Hebron in Palestine – one of the flashpoint cities in the Israel – Palestine conflict.

I loved touring Palestine and Israel a few months back and having been interested in the political situation there for a long time, I headed to the city of Hebron. Hebron has for many years been a “flashpoint area” in the Israeli- Palestine conflict. My day tour was expertly organised by Abraham Tours and we arrived in Hebron by bus. We had the added benefit of getting a tour of the H1 Palestinian Side in the morning, with a Palestinian guy. Then after lunch we got a tour of the H2 Israeli controlled Side in the afternoon, with a Jewish Israeli guy.

hebron tour palestine

On a tour of Hebron in Palestine with the Palestinans in H1.

I have a ton more stories to come on both Israel and Palestine, just not the time at present to get them all written up and posted due to ongoing backpacking and horrendous internet in Iran. But I have written a cool article on my visit to Hebron for Lisa and George, who run the excellent site We Said Go Travel.

You can view the entire article here, hope you like it: Both Sides of the Hebron Divide.

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