Travel Collectables: Beer Bottle Tops From Around the World

beer bottle tops collection

Travel collectables – yes my beer bottle tops from around the world!

I love my beers when I travel. It’s my relaxation drink and the one where I sit and think to myself “life is good”, especially if I’m on a bus, train or in a hostel after a day of sightseeing. I love a beer. Be it pint, can or bottle. You might have read that if it’s a bottle, I collect the beer labels of the beers I’ve had and I put them in a scrapbook. Well I also have a small box of beer bottle tops from around the world that I collect!!

bottle tops for beer to collect

My beer bottle tops collection which fit nicely into a small box.

This obsession is nuts I guess, but similarly to my beer label collection, when you go backpacking they don’t use up a lot of space in your bag. And as a rule, I only keep one of the same bottle top (some duplicates on brands if the bottle top is slightly different).

collecting beer bottle tops

My current beer bottle tops from around the world collection. Love collecting them and cracking open a bottle on my journeys.

I can’t remember when I started doing this but I know I have over 500 of them, from around 70 of the 165 countries I’ve been to so far.

collecting beer bottle tops

Beer bottle tops – memories from around the world.

I don’t plan to stop collecting them either – one day if and when I have my own place, I’ll have my own mini bar with all my travel memories in it. These bottle tops will form part of that. Well that is the dream. In the meantime I’m off to Nanchong, China next and looking forward to adding my 71st country next month! Safe travels and happy collecting.


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