Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Driving Licence

jonny blair driving in australia

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Driving Licence sure comes in handy when you backpack the globe.

Learning to drive is something I recommend for any would be travellers. Sure, it’s not cheap and it’s not easy to learn when you’re a teenager, but it will stand you in good stead for when you get older and travel. These days I admit I rarely use my driving licence, yet I carry it everywhere as the option to hire or rent a car always comes up.

jonny blair car england

Chilling out by my car in southern England a few years back.

My grandfather was a bus driver in Belfast – Samuel Blair. When I turned 17, he paid for my first 10 driving lessons. It was something he did for every grandchild and he took pride in it. I am grateful for him for that, as it provided me with that stepping stone to be able to drive myself places.

driving licence travel essential

With the last car I owned, and the previous owners Jam and Josie in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.

Despite being a global nomad these days, I have owned three cars in my lifetime. I used to drive all the time when I lived in England and Northern Ireland. I own a UK Driving Licence which I renew every 10 years. This licence is a good one to have, as when you travel, you can easily hire a car in other countries.

tasmania car 2010

Out in Tasmania in 2010 with my old Toyota Hilux.

I’m kind of aiming this post at any young wannabe travellers out there that may be put off with the idea of paying for driving lessons, passing your test and buying a car. Don’t be put off by anything. A driving licence is a really useful and handy travel essential to own.

tuesdays travel essentials driving licence

Get your driving licence before you go backpacking.

When I lived in Australia I couldn’t have worked in as many farms as I did if I didn’t own a car. I bought a cheap car on the road and used it for work and for road trips.

These days, I’ve been using trains and buses a lot more and I admit that, but it won’t be long before I’m behind the wheel again and driving. I encourage you all to get your driving licence before you travel.

A video of me driving England to Wales, Severn Bridge:

A video of me driving in the Tasmanian Wilderness, Western and Southern:

The last drive in my Toyota Hilux in Australia before I sold my car:

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