Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Where to Print Flight Tickets in London, England

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials haven’t featured on here for a while. It’s not that I don’t have any new ones (I’ve a list of 100 to write!), it’s a case of there’s so much more to write about from my last few years of travel, so they’ll have to wait until travel slows down a notch. Anyway, for today it’s back. You might know that one of my favourite airlines is Ryanair.

My Ryanair days - "A plane is a plane"

Flying with Ryanair

Their fares and their customer service is the best out there and I have used Ryanair to visit a load of European countries the last 10 years or so. However recently they started to charge customers who turned up at the airport without a physical printed ticket. Now this might be easy for those who have a house, flat or mortgage etc.

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: Printing Flight Tickets

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Printing Flight Tickets

But for those like myself who don’t have a home, we are nomads living out of a backpack, so we don’t see the need to ever buy a printer. It wouldn’t fit in my backpack for a start. So for flights I’m constantly having to ask hotels and hostels to print my flight tickets for me and most will oblige.

Ryanair planes

Ryanair planes

However in November last year I booked a late notice Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Bucharest in Romania. I was staying with my mate Millwall Neil and the day before my flight I realised I needed to print my boarding pass out or I would be charged £70. Yes £70!!

Where to print flight tickets in London, England
At short notice here is the place to print your tickets in London.

The internet shop near Victoria train station

The internet shop near Victoria train station

So I had a bit of time to kill in London near Victoria station and I found a perfect internet cafe which will print anything for you from the internet or from a hard drive and is close to Victoria Coach station (where I was getting my coach from). It’s even closer to the train station and

Internet Cafe in Victoria, London

Internet Cafe in Victoria, London

The name of the place is Internet Cafe @Victoria and the address is:

– Victoria Internet Cafe, London. I found an Internet Cafe in Victoria located at 330 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1AA. Just across the street near HSBC Bank. London is a tough city for finding people to print things for you. Thankfully one local businessman in Victoria has this internet cafe virtually opposite the station. If I’m passing through and need things, printed I always head here. It’s 50 p a colour sheet and 30 p a black and white sheet but that doesn’t matter when you’re in need to things being printed. 330 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1AA. The phone number is 02072336999. I printed my tickets around 4pm one day, I’m not sure of their exact opening times but this is a perfect place for backpackers to print their flight tickets and reservations.

A happy backpacker ready for my flight with my printed ticket

A happy backpacker ready for my flight with my printed ticket

My last post about this:


Funny story: I once met a girl who turned up for a Ryanair flight without her boarding pass printed and they told her she’d have to pay £70 for them to print it for her. She worked out it would be cheaper to pay for a taxi from the airport to a computer shop, buy a printer, connect it to her laptop and print out the flight ticket then DITCH the printer and get her flight. To make things even cooler, she ditched her printer right in front of the Ryanair Desk! Now that’s awesome!

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