Tuesday’s Travel Problems: New Series on Don’t Stop Living

dont stop living travel problems

Tuesday’s Travel Problems: New Series on Don’t Stop Living with all the bad times…

Right folks today on Don’t Stop Living it’s time for a brand new series. This one has been brewing for a while and I toyed with the idea of putting these travel problems on a whole new website, but it just wouldn’t feel right. Don’t Stop Living is my extensive travel blog since 2007 so they’re going on here. Here’s the bad news for all you wannabe travellers: TRAVELLING THE WORLD ISN’T EASY. Huh??

shit travel moments


Yes that’s right – I make everything sound immense. This temple was great, this train journey was epic, getting this visa was sensational. Everything in travel is fantastic. Well – that’s bullshit, none of that is true and while we, travellers and bloggers and writers and adventurers all paint a picture of everything being rosy, I need a new series on travel problems. Telling it how it is, with a few twists.

broken leg partying in england

The bad days…oops I broke my leg partying in Bournemouth, England.

I’m starting this series for a few reasons:

1. To share my travel problems with you (no obligation to read 😉 ).

2. To ensure you don’t have the same problems (I care about you).

3. To make you aware of what travel problems you might face on the road (it ain’t an easy ride, hold on tight).

4. To share my stories of how I solved these problems and the best way to deal with the bad moments. (I want to make sure you don’t copy me).

rollercoaster lifestyle of travel

A Life of Travel is a rollercoaster – I won’t deny it…

The fact is, travel is harder than everyone admits. In the last 2 months, I’ve had a broken laptop (endless days of anger, frustration and I missed out on a trip to Svaneti as I was busy trying to get my computer fixed in vain, mostly in Tbilisi), my girlfriend and I have lost a load of things, I’ve had 2 bank cards stolen by ATMs in Georgia and Turkey and quite frankly we’ve had a load of problems. As I also have had in the last 10 years of travel, I just talk about them less. The horrific stories from Laos, England, Switzerland and Venezuela have seen a bit of light of day on here in the past.

travel problems on dont stop living

“Your internet APPEARS to be working correctly” – bullshit – it’s not.

I still love travel and these bad moments that happen make the better moments seem worth waiting for, so hang in there as I try and simultaneously run two different features on Tuesdays. Some Tuesdays I might even have the time and energy to do a double A side of Tuesday’s Travel Essentials and Tuesday’s Travel Problems. I’ll do my best to kick this new series off next week – I’m in Istanbul right now…

fergburger in queenstown

Food for thought…

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