The Ultimate Guide for a Charlotte Excursion, USA

Chalotte, North Carolina, USA

Chalotte, North Carolina, USA

Charlotte provides an eclectic fusion of North Carolina’s beautiful scenery and up-and-coming city scene. Travellers of all types can find something to do here, whether it is a scenic drive or an uptown concert. Charlotte is a budget-friendly trip with regular free events and cheap accommodation.

Find a Convenient Downtown Hotel

Vacations cost money, so it is important to save where you can. To get the most out of your trip to Charlotte, book a room in the city center. This way you are close to all the main attractions and nightlife without having to pay for a taxi or rental car.

Hilton Charlotte Center City starts at reasonable rates and offers an affordable downtown option. It provides the best value for its price with spacious rooms and wide windows. It is in a highly walkable part of town so that you can set out on foot and get your day started.

Downtown hotel

Downtown hotel

Stay Up Thursday Night for Alive After 5

The Epicentre is Charlotte’s upscale and uptown entertainment district. Travellers on a budget may mistakenly avoid it altogether to save a bit of money. There is plenty to do without pulling out the wallet, so don’t miss the Epicentre’s thrilling nightlife.

Alive After 5 is a free event that turns every Thursday evening into a fun night on the town. Musicians often perform live music. Local bars and dining offer specials to their guests, so don’t miss out on this Charlotte classic!

Take in the View with the Gold Rush Trolley

Everybody loves to visit a scenic site, and Charlotte tops the charts year after year for its natural beauty. Guided tours and rental cars both cost money, however, so budget travellers rarely stray far from their hotels. Charlotte’s Gold Rush Trolley is a completely free option that winds around the city’s most iconic scenery. Plan on catching this weekday ride between 6:40 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Book your stay at the Westin Charlotte for easy access to the Gold Rush Trolley. The electric streetcar stops close by, so you can head over any time you like. This also helps make sure you can get back to your room at any point during your day by looking out for the trolley’s stops throughout the city.

Don’t Miss the Mint Museum of Art

Art and history lovers will both enjoy this town favorite. Famous ever since its glowing Lonely Planet review, the Mint Museum of Art houses its works in a 19th century U.S. mint building. The statues, paintings, and historic maps attract visitors each day, but the museum also hosts a variety of evening events. Nearby Golden Green Hotel appeals to the same crowd with its artistic flair and exquisite banquet facilities. Rates begin at under $40 a night, making it a cheap option for Charlotte’s art lovers.

Mint Museum in Charlotte, USA

Mint Museum in Charlotte, USA

Whether you are trying to spend the day shopping at the Epicentre, checking out the bar scene downtown, or just enjoying the view, Charlotte probably has a deal.

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