Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life on The Road

As travelling backpackers, we often struggle to find relationships, to find a good partner or to find sexual pleasures for a night or two. It doesn’t always seem a good chat up line to know that in 2 days time you’ll be on a night train to yet another country and you’re a man who doesn’t linger long in many towns or cities. I’ve been there and shunned that.

On the train into Moldova in 2014, Chisinau almost became home.

Having sexual intercourse and feeling sexual pleasure needs to be incorporated into our lives somehow though. Whether we are locals or tourists – it’s human nature to want that pleasure and lust. Here are a few ways to spice up your sex life on the road in my humble opinion.

Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life on The Road

1.Arranged Hook Ups
A simple option is to arrange things online ahead of your visit to “city x”. There are an endless list of apps, platforms, forums, blogs and websites from which to organise this. You could try traditional dating websites. Yes, Tinder features highly and so do the numerous dating sites available but do be careful who you meet and what is arranged. I’ve done this before and learned my lesson.
2.Sex Themed Museums
If you’re needing some arousal, head to a sex themed museum. I visited one of these in Prague in Czechia. The girls in there are usually unshy and pretty raunchy and definitely easy to chat to.

Crazy times in Prague – in the sex museum!

3.Sexual Gadgets and Items
Sexual gadgets are a great way to get cheap thrills and pleasures on your own. While ladies opt for dildos and odd shaped cucumbers, men could do with a good old willy stroker. These days there are some great options to get the penis firing its cyclinder. For example the app controlled prostate massager, these types of gadgets are superb for traveling, can be controlled from anywhere in the world). Of course, there are also themed condoms…

Themed condoms

4.Sex Bars
Places like Thailand can seem sleazy to the discerning backpacker. You saunter into a normal bar only to find it is a sex bar. Within minutes a she-man or a man-she or a 50 year old lady posing as a teenger have snuck a sneaky hand on your penis. This is an option of course, but it comes at a price, it’s not safe and to all intents and purposes is blatant prostitution. Even in Ukraine, I got spanked in a sex themed bar.
Getting Handcuffed and Spanked in the home of Masochism in Lviv, Ukraine

Getting Handcuffed and Spanked in the home of Masochism in Lviv, Ukraine

The best advice is to get out of one of these bars and have the girl paying YOU for your services!
5.Getting into Nudity
Being free to the world is a great thing, and it works well for both sexes. We are born naked, so why can’t we backpack naked? Well, some countries have laws against that, but yet within those countries, you can find legal places to get naked. Such as legal nudist beaches, nudist parks and you can even partake in nude yoga.
Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga With Veronika in London, England

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga

If you find the right girl, it can act as a great chance to shed your clothes under the dying rays of the sun or a sky full of stars. Good luck and as always, stay safe!

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