Why Team Building Events Are Important 

Why Team Building Events Are Important 

Many people groan at the thought of participating in a team building event. The most common impression is of forced interaction with people that you don’t know well with an emphasis on displaying your weaknesses. 

Of course this is not the point of team building events! In fact they are very important as they serve a number of useful purposes: 

They’re Fun 

If the management is listening to the team then the event they chose should appeal to every member of the team. It may push your comfort zone but there should also be elements that play to your strengths. 

This makes it a fun experience. 

The average worker spends 40.7 hours a week at work although studies suggest that almost a third of full time employees regularly do 48 hours per week. 

That means you’re spending a lot of time with people that you don’t know that well. Unfortunately, despite the amount of time spent at work this doesn’t mean you’ll have the opportunity to get to know these people better. 

But, if you participate in a team building activity you’ll find that you have the opportunity to meet the team properly and get to know them.  

It doesn’t matter if the team building is a fantastic event organized by the Great Race or a simple guessing game before the working day begins.  

The effect is the same; you’ll have a little fun which will make the day more interesting and it more appealing to be part of the team. 

Why Team Building Events Are Important 


Communication is essential in any team but it is often reduced to simply monologues; because this is enough to get the job done.  

Team building encourages people to interact more and start communicating properly. This can open up the team to new ideas and even improve productivity in the workplace. 

After all, the people who generally have the best solution to any problem are the ones dealing with the issue on a daily basis. 

Put simply if you encourage your team to communicate they can share ideas and move any project forward more effectively and efficiently. 

Social Skills 

Getting to know the team gives every member an opportunity to develop their social skills. This is more than creating an opportunity to make friends. When your team develop a social awareness of each other it is much more likely that they will spot when someone is suffering and they will be able and willing to help. 

Performance & Productivity 

A team that builds a rapport will be happier at work and consequently more productive. In fact it can encourage accountability which will boost productivity. But, it can also add some good natured competition into the workplace.  

Research shows that employees who are accountable, feel part of a team and enjoy being at work are not only more loyal; they are more likely to come forth with innovative ideas. In short they will feel more invested in the firm and be prepared to help it advance. 

The winner is the business and the team; which should be rewarded for their input. 


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  • Storytelling is at the heart of the community experience. It is also how information gets passed on informally. A storytelling session focused on work-related stories can get a large group to loosen up and share their experiences.

  • Hi Joan, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delayed response. I have been suffering from long term depression caused by liars. I am glad you enjoyed my post on team building. Stay safe. Jonny

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