Working Wednesdays: Doing PR for Card Protection Plan in London, England

Jonny Blair working on CPP at Bite Communications London

Working Wednesdays: Doing PR for Card protection Plan.

Today’s Working Wednesdays bring me a reminder of a job even I forgot that I once did. I worked in PR for a company called Card Protection Plan (CPP) a few years back. I have written before in parts about my time working as a PR (Public Relations) Assistant for Bite Communications. An excellent global PR company and a really good job with a few perks. Although I loved the London lifestyle and worked hard, life was always leading me away from an office job. I hate the whole 8am – 6pm routine thing. I knew that. I worked on the CPP account in 2006 – 2007. But in between times I found time for trips to Denmark, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

jonny blair scrabo tower newtownards

I’d rather be out seeing the world than stuck in an office!

What did the job entail?

My manager Katy Cook used to get me to do “Regional PR outreach” for Card Protection Plan. Basically if you’ve worked in PR you’ll know how it works. You write an article or press release over hyping your company’s potential, disguised cleverly in an article about people moaning about mortgage rates or credit cards or something. The winner in the article is CPP as they can protect you and your cards.

phone calls in London

A rare photo of me talking on the telephone – the boring PR lifestyle of London just wasn’t for me. I’d rather be out seeing the world!

So in short, you get on the phone, you write e-mails and you pester journalists on why they should publish the article. I don’t like falseness myself though so I’m not the best person for doing this. It never quite felt right. When I do PR for my travel blog, it always feels right as this is a real travel blog from a real traveller – selling my blog to someone is easy, fun and within morals.

I hate fake travel blogs (and believe me there are a lot of fakes and wannabes out there in the travel blog industry) and I hate fake stories that are for PR purposes only. BUT, I’m a hypocrite as I did it, I worked in it and I got paid for it. Thank you very much, Bite Communications and Card Protection Plan. I got them some coverage in regional newspapers back in the day, most notably the Belfast Telegraph in Northern Ireland. CPP will protect your cards for you, including on your travels. If any of you CPP guys are reading and you want to advertise on my blog, get in touch!

Within 48 hours of my last shift for Bite Communications, I was sipping a beer at a music festival in Toronto, Canada, and from there the inspiration for this very website came. Work your ass off, but live your travel dreams my friends…working Wednesdays can be spent hiking a mountain you know.

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