Working Wednesdays: Dressing As Santa Claus

Hong Kong Santa Claus

Working Wednesdays – Dressing as Santa Claus – 2011 in Hong Kong

I did mention that this week’s Daily posts would be all about Christmas and so to my Working Wednesday. What can be better than dressing up as Santa Claus at Christmas and getting paid for it? As work goes, it’s a fairly easy job. Give presents to children, shout “Ho Ho Ho” and still manage to remain anonymous.

Dressing as Santa Claus in Hong Kong

Dressing up as Santa Claus – another of many jobs you end up doing when you build a lifestyle of travel

I don’t quite have the physique of a stereotypical Santa Claus but have dressed as Santa a few times in work, most recently while teaching English in Hong Kong, so the photos from this post are all from Hong Kong.

funny Santa Claus in Hong Kong

Playing games as Santa Claus at school in Hong Kong

You might ask me how do you get a job dressing as Santa Claus? Well the answer is simple – wherever you are in the world in October or November, if they believe in Jesus, just ask if they have any jobs going and you might strike lucky and get another travel memory and a bit of cash. My dressing as Santa Claus came as part of my teaching job!

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Don’t Stop Living’s 12 Days of Christmas has been running on the Facebook page this week

I’m running a 12 Days of Christmas photo on my Facebook page this week – this is the last day of it, you can like my page here: Don’t Stop Living on Facebook.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day!

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