World Travellers: Turner Barr of Around the World in 80 Jobs

turner barr pizza in rome

World Travellers: Turner Barr working at a Pizzeria in Rome!

The latest in my series of world travellers is with Turner Barr, a man who most definitely doesn’t do things “by the book”, a nomad in the truest sense of the word, and a “jack of all trades” as his passionate website “Around the World in 80 Jobs” clearly shows. That’s right – Turner Barr created a fantastic idea and brand called Around the World in 80 Jobs. It’s his title, it’s his site, it’s his lifestyle. I’m delighted to feature Turner on here this week as he has been through a tough time recently. A company called Adecco have STOLEN his idea and tried to get away with it, even bypassing Turner in the rankings on Google for “Around the world in 80 Jobs” so while you read this interview, please also check out Turner’s website Around the World in 80 Jobs and support him as he fights to maintain his popular brand and force Adecco to pay for it, big time. I’m fully in support of Turner in this one, as travel bloggers we must stick together and stand up for ourselves. We’re not small fish in the travel industry, in fact we ARE the travel industry. While big companies run travel sites, we all know they don’t really travel. They sit with a cup of coffee writing up reports of destinations they’ve never been to (the clue is – they’re never in the photos). People like Wandering EarlTurner Barr and myself – well – we really travel the world. Over to Turner…

turner barr world travellers dont stop living

World Travellers: Turner Barr from Around the World in 80 Jobs in Austria!

Who are you?

I am Turner, the guy behind

Where are you from?

I am from Bellevue, Washington, right outside of Seattle in the USA

Where have you been?

I have been to about 90 countries thus far, but have been living in Europe off and on mostly in for the past 4 years.

Where are you now?

I am currently living in Bangkok Thailand.

What are the top 3 places you’ve visited?

The Galapagos islands for the animals, Colombia for the people and lifestyle, and Thailand for it’s great food and ability to get into anything crazy you want.

What is the best travel experience you’ve had?

Going to the Galapagos and being around the wild life. They aren’t afraid of humans, so it is a very natural experience. Also, working at a pizzeria in Italy was pretty amazing. As I felt like I got to understand Italian food and wine culture better.

What is the worst travel experience you’ve had?

None really. You can learn from any situation. I remember being pretty bored in Kosovo and had to sleep outside in the cold when the bus station wouldn’t let us in.

What is the funniest travel experience you’ve had?

Working as the krampus in Austria during the holidays ( . The krampus is a holiday tradition, kind of like a yeti, which comes down from the Alpines and hits bad children with sticks. It was pretty ridiculous having this job as I spoke no German. The next day I played the Christkind, the angel that delivers presents to children in Austria. This role is a womens role, so I shaved my face, and proceeded to scare the kids even more. (

turner barr around the world

World Travellers: Turner Barr from Around the World in 80 Jobs as El Gringo Blanco Harvesting Tequila

What is the scariest travel experience you’ve had?

My scariest would have to be the Peru/Ecador border when I first started traveling. It was pretty stetchy with this town between the two border controls. Lots of pick pockets and men of seedy character.

What is the most random job you have had on your travels?

Working at a German Christmas market during the holidays was pretty random. I got to pour gluhwein (hot, mulled wine) and partake in one the best winter activities: drinking at German Christmas markets. ( )

How do you fund your travels?

I take random jobs on the road and hustle to find ways to make money anyway I can. I used to day trade stock and edit English papers, now I am exploring new avenues.

What 3 tips would you give a new traveller before they set off on their adventure?

Go and don’t look back. Fear of the unknown stops a lot of people from taking risks, but it is stepping outside our comfort zones that make us grow as people. Keep a journal or blog of your experience. I started traveling seriously 10 years ago, but I never kept a record until 1.5 year ago with my site. I wish I would have recorded my thoughts.  Try living abroad. Not just being a tourist. Get job overseas. Befriend the locals. Get intimate with the culture.

What are your future travel plans?

More jobs. Only time will tell where I end up. But I hope it lands me South Africa and Brazil at some point. I really want to be a safari guide and work on a winery.


My name is Turner. I started the site around the world in 80 jobs in 2011 to chronicle my experiences working overseas. I work my way around the world collecting different jobs and experiences out of the ordinary.

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Thanks to Turner Barr for being the latest in my series of World Travellers! If you travel the world and run a travel blog or are a travel writer, please get in touch, you can be featured (there’s a HUGE waiting list at present), either e-mail jonny (at) dontstopliving (dot) net or head to my contacts page and get connected! You can also subscribe to Don’t Stop Living by filling in the form below! Safe travels!

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