Yacht Charter Along Italy’s Amazing Coastline

Delicious pasta in rich flavourful sauces, exquisite fashion, and wine that can’t be compared to any other in the world. Those are the things that spring to mind when you talk about Italy.

Pasta at Mowgli

Pasta loyal

The overwhelmingly large Duomo, surrounded by gelato stores and high-end fashion outlets. Milan fashion week is a must-do-once event, and of course, the leaning tower of Pisa.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Yet, some of the most luxurious and secluded spaces are outside of the big cities. What’s more, is that the further you head away from the big cities, the deeper you become nestled in the real heart of Italy – and less surrounded by tourists.


Looking for plenty of ocean water and views that are far beyond postcard-pretty? Sirmione is a location you simply can’t miss.

Although it is more significant than some of the other coastal locations we will talk about, Sirmione borders Lake Garda. Spend the day under the Italian sun, enjoying the thermal winds that offer ideal sailing conditions on the lake. To dip into the history of Italy a little more, and specifically Sirmione, you can visit the castle every day – except Mondays. What’s more, it’s only a short drive of one hour or two hours by train from Bergamo airport!

While in Lombardia, the dish you might see the most often on the menu is risotto, which is due to the surrounding rice paddies; rice is a staple dish for this area.

Red and White wine in Italy

Dining in Italy


There are a few coastal areas of Liguria that deserve time and attention. To maximize your time between Porto Venere and Bogliasco, or any of the other coastal towns in this area, the best thing to do is hire a yacht from BorrowAboat.

Bogliasco is a very short 40 minute drive from Genoa airport, and not much longer by train.

The sea is some of the bluest that you are likely to find in Italy – and what gives this place extra charm is that it feels like you are in a small village.

The seaside town offers a lot, though, so when searching for food – from breakfast to your evening meal, Just Peruzzi has some of the highest ratings on Tripadvisor.

While in the area, it is worth your while to check out Porto Venere (or Portovenere), which isn’t as popular as some other coastal locations in Italy. But that is what makes it perfect. If you want to fall in love with poets, artists and feel part of the tapestry of the area, then Porto Venere offers precisely that.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is easy to get to by bus, train, car, and boat.

Doria Castle has lived a few lives since it was first erected in the 12 century. Yet, that is part of its charm. The windows for the castle offer some stunning views too.


The first reason you should head to Tuscany is the region’s delicacies. For the meat-eaters, after a day of sailing, look for a restaurant that serves Bistecca Alla Fiorentina.

A steak dish that is served up very rare and cooked so simply too. The al Sangue (very rare) steak is seasoned with salt and olive oil – every bite you take is just packed with the flavor of the meat.

Tuscany is better known for its countryside than its beaches. The tourist preference for the countryside means that the coastline remains fairly un-busy in terms of tourism.

So if you are looking for an unspoiled and wild beach, perfect for spending the time between a yacht and the beach – Spiaggia di Sansone is the place for you. What sets this beach apart from many others is that it backs on to limestone cliffs and beautiful Mediterranean shrubs. In addition to that, joy also comes from the sand, which rather than being powdery, is a salt-and-pepper array of pebbles.



Leave the norms of a regular beach behind you with this stunning and unusual beach. Much of Italy’s coastline is blessed with turquoise waters and soft white powdery sand.

Yet, if you head to Maratea, to the Spiaggia Macarro, you will be indulged in black sands and dark blue waters. Breathtaking and certainly a place that you’ll want to visit. Since the beach isn’t typically what tourists are looking for, it remains secluded, and easy to find a space for a beach towel to enjoy the views.

While you’re there, head to a delicatessen and get yourself some of the regions, especially cheese – Canestrato of Moliterno, some Matera Bread, and Extra virgin Olive Vulture. A combination that you’ll try to replicate for years to come.

More pizza!!


For this beach, the easiest way to get there is by yacht. It is so inconvenient to get there by any other means. It is often pretty empty since it isn’t easy to get to – unless you’re dedicated to taking a short hike before getting to the beach. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by beautiful white sandy coves – and stunning views.

Cala Pulcino is the perfect coastal escape that can help you get some needed solitude and quiet. While this area is technically Sicily, it is actually closer to Tunisia and can feel similar to the arid air you’d experience in a more eastern climate. While you are carefully planning your next Italian excursion via yacht, check out our other posts covering all the best locations that Italy has to offer.

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